Three D movies safe?

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Are 3 D movies safe with Epilepsy? And if not are they safe to watch without the glasses? My kids want to see one that is in theateres and I am not sure about it. My seizures are not showing up on EeG so i don'd know their exact origin the supected to be deep in my left temporal lobe and aslo deep in my frontal lobe.


John Runer
If you have photosensitive epilepsy you might want to give it a miss. Everyone has different tolerances though. I had no problem seeing the 3D version of Avatar.

If you want to see it without the special glasses, make sure you go to a non-3D screening (or rent the DVD), otherwise it will look totally weird.
I also went to see the 3D version of Avatar and had no problems with it (except for the couple behind me that wouldn't stop talking through the entire movie!!!!)

I wore the glassed through the whole movie so I really don't know what to tell you about that. I know that the movie will look distorted and not right if you don't have them on.

Maybe ask your neuro and see what he has to say about?
I can't bear 3-d movies :( Don't know if its the E (I'm not photosensitive) or my double vision or both though. All I know is they make me extremely nauseous and my head starts pounding. You definitely can't watch them without valeriedl says, the movie will look distorted. It's because the trick of 3-d is thru the use of multiple imaging. In the old days they also used different colors in the multiples, can't remember if there was in the HD stuff or not since I was too occupied with trying not to throw up :(
No, you definately couldn't watch a 3d movie without the glasses because it all looks fuzzy and layered, like loads of images on top of each other.

Most places will do a 2d version of the same film though so you wouldn't have to worry about it.

I've been to see quite a few 3d movies now and they haven't really caused me any problems.
Most movies that are 3D are made that way after the film is shot. My son works in that industry and he tells me that they are not filmed that way, so if you see the movie in the regular format (Toy Story 3 for example) you are not missing very much if anything. It is mostly a marketing thing. They charge a lot more money for the 3D tickets.
I am photosensitive and cannot watch ANY kind of movie in a theater...they all cause seizures.
I'm photosensitive too and I can't watch 3d. Most movies are fine but If I'm at the theatre I need to sit near the back. Too close to the screen and it gives me partials.

Some shows on tv have so many flashes that I have my eyes closed half the time.
I find that a big trigger for me and lots of other ppl who may not know it is 3-D movie viewing, (movies like Avatar) through those funny glasses and I'm not photosesitive.
For me, (and lots of ppl that I've spoken to on other epilepsy forums)after about 5 mins, I get a headache and/or an aura (even though my seizures have been perfectly controlled for 31 years)
Other ppl may experience other probs such as fainting, dizziness, nausia etc.
It has been documented that 3-D viewing CAN cause a health risk to ppl with an underlying medical condition such as a seizure condition.
Now I hear that SONY and PANISONIC are making 3-D televisions and it has come under fire by the Canadian medical board.

Thanks for the great answers! I just didn't go with the kids. I too always have had to sit at the very back or deal with headaches and nausea.

John Runer
I can't watch them either. I get very nauseous and a wicked headache. They make me feel like I am going to pass out. I don't know that it is seizure related. But, I think it is possible that it could cause problems for some.
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