Incredibles 2 movie may trigger seizures

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Hi Nakamova,

Thanks for sharing this info. I will be sure to share it with the students and staff at school today since summer vacation is almost here and the kids will be going to movies.
Wishing you the best of luck and May God Bless You!

My youngest son mentioned this to me yesterday. He was concerned about mom having a seizure if she watched it. Bless him. He's always been concerned for her. Fortunately, she isn't photosensitive though.
Yes I was wondering about this movie as one of the carers who has my girl mentioned this.
Fortunately she is not photosensitive and she coped with the movie, she has been to the theatre and other shows with flashing lights.
We did go as a group with my twin sons just in case....
This news made me sad :( Think i'll wait til it comes on DVD or netflix, then i can watch at home in a well lit room.

Loved the first Incredibles movie!
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