1. A

    Flicker Vertigo

    I've been having seizures probably my whole life, but it was mistaken for motion sickness for most of my life. After I became close with a friend who was familiar with seizures noted that it was not normal for someone to become unresponsive, have muscle spasms, and then feel terrible for the...
  2. N

    Incredibles 2 movie may trigger seizures

    If you are photosensitive you may want to give "Incredibles 2" a miss, or at least watch with caution.
  3. Y

    LED and CFLs

    I'm photosensitive, and my business has been kind enough to agree to change the lighting in my office from the awful basic fluorescents. However, they don't want to do incandescents; they offered me LED or CFL. I've read what I can on the web, and I read lots of reports about flickering LEDs...
  4. M

    Weird change in seizures!

    :ponder: What on earth has happened since last night. For months my seizures have had the same pattern. I have spent 4 days now on a slightly higher dose of Lyrica, which was planned. The extra 75 mg's have controlled my seizures, so that they "don't develop into big seizures". As if they're...
  5. Chel

    Enough of the online animations!

    Being photosensitive, there are many online ads that trigger my simple partials, or at least give me early warning signs. I got sick of one in particular, which seemed to be very prevalent, so contacted their customer service to let them know what effect their ad has on me, and what steps they...
  6. S

    Is This Epilepsy? Something Else?

    Hey there, i've been getting this very strange feeling, its not often, but when it does occur, I really dont like it. Maybe you can help me work out what it is, or if its natural, or whatever. It started for the first time a few years ago, I got invited to my friends house, and during my visit...
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