1. K

    Could it be?

    I have been on Depakote ER about a week now and am noticing something that I wonder about. Prior to my diagnosis of TLE with partial seizures, I had been having odd panic-like attacks, especially in the morning upon wakening. I would have heart palpitations, shake and feel dizzy and spacey...
  2. Bernard

    Are you photosensitive?

    Lets see what percent of CWE is photosensitive. Voting is anonymous. Please vote yes if flashing lights/colors triggers seizures, headaches or any sort of non-normal state.
  3. M

    Question out of curiosity - photosensitivity

    Hello all, I'm not sure if this is a myth or if it can really happen. But I have heard that flashing lights, like the ones in an EEG can cause seizures? Is that true or not? I know it doesn't bother me. In fact I love looking at flickering lights, like on rides at carnivals, etc. That is my...
  4. J

    Anyone else have problems with strobe lights?

    Hi all - I'm not sure if this topic has been brought up in the past or not. I was just wondering if anyone else has school buses in their area with continuous flashing strobe lights. I'm in western Pennsylvania and many of the school districts in the area have the lights on top of every bus...
  5. joey

    welding and photosensitivity - stoopid question

    i have been given a mig welderand i was thinking about using it but then i forgot about the spark . it might mess with my e. maybe if i use it for just a short time maybe, i know it sounds very dangerous but i really dont care about danger. can you guys give me some of your thoughts to help me...
  6. forward2007

    Interesting info in Photosensitivity Seizures
  7. epileric

    For those who are photosensitive

    I hope I don't sound like an advertisement but I use this program called SpywareBlaster. It's great for spyware but they just updated the program & I just found that it now has a flash killer that disables flash programs & downloads. I"m not photosensitive but thought it might be of use to...
  8. P

    E and video games

    Is it possible that because my boyfriend has had his seizures only while playing video games, that will be the only thing that will cause his seizures? He has played video games since he was 7 and is now 21, how did this come about?
  9. Birdbomb

    New Weapon Against Terror: A Flashlight?

    New Weapon Against Terror: A Flashlight? *****WARNING***** If you are photosensitive DO NOT WATCH the added video and caution should be used for others with epilepsy. This device excites the brain and even those NOT photosensitive may have problems
  10. M

    Question regarding Nintendo Wii and epilepsy

    Hello, please bear with me as I am new to this forum. Does anyone know of any adverse effects of using the Nintendo Wii Sports games on someone with epilepsy. My 9 year old daughter who has petit mals has been using the Wii before she goes to school and they have noticed an increase in her...
  11. speber

    Can photosensitivity CAUSE epilepsy?

    It doesn't bother me anymore (not since I was about 10yrs old)...but my FIRST seizure was while watching 'Speed Racer' (Japanese animation) on a Saturday morning. I wonder if 'once triggered'--the dam is broken? :twocents: [edit: this discussion is a tangent that was split off to preserve...
  12. Bernard

    EFA Issues Recommendations for TV / Videogames

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