A question for those who are photosensitive

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I have several photosensitive issues that have gotten worse since my diagnosis. I went to a movie with my son not knowing it could trigger a seizure...it did! The movie was the last Batman...now I know that was a bad choice with all the effects, flashing, ect. I haven't been to the movies since. (I can watch HD TV with no problems at home)
My friends are going to see the new movie "the Blind Side"...I really, really want to see this. Since this isn't an action movie with all the effects, is it safe to go?
Movies sometimes bug me. occasionally I get a migraine from sirens or flashings, but no tonic (clonics). The thing that triggers me the most is the flickering of the reel and the little skips in the film that I can see. Or those horrible black blobs that show up for a second and disapear (spots on the film).

not looking forward to the strobe light part of my first EEG.
I would say if you choose to go to sit as far back as possible. I say this because I didn't know I was even photosensitive until I went up close to my daughter's little TV to change the DVD. I didn't seize, but I instantly didn't feel well in the head as though I felt the activity but no seizure. It's a small T.V. (not flat screen).
I too can watch T.V. (HD flat screen), but not the old T.V. anymore. However, I found that if I sit far enough away it doesn't seem to bother me.
I have found that I have to sit in back of the church. They have a rock band that plays with lots of lights. I think that is a good idea about not sitting up close.
on the4th of Huly I discovered I was photosensitive. It traumatized me so much I have not dare do anything of that nature again.. somewhere dark with bright overwhelming loud lights flashing......

It took me some time to build up the courage to sit online more than 10 minutes. I have been invited to the cinema and I will not go. I do play video games, but I stay well clear from the screen, have hte big light and lamp on....the slightest tingling I get I turn it off.... I really do actually feel traumatized by what happened to me, becuase before hte 4th it had never happened to me before with strobe light things....and I also had never had hte type of seizure I did, so I had no clue what was going on. TO top off, I have no insurance and I have to go to a county ER which is absaloutly disgusting,,,,,..never again for me if I can help it.

Sometimes if I feel some breakthroughs,,,, like right now after being weeks of doing good... I wont play the games or be online much, its not worth the risk to me....sorry I know I keep going on about it, but I really really do feel extremly traumatized after july. I hope it never happens to anyone else. I did not even have a concrete diagnosis at that point in time.
JGBMartin, the photic sensitivity is part of the EEG which is given to aid in diagnosing E. I'm photosensitive to "strobe light-like" lighting effects in movies if they're viewed in the dark. I have to watch movies at home with a light on to protect myself from having a seizure. I've also refused to go to movies at the theatre with my family where there are special lighting effects b/c of the photosensitivity aspect of the disorder.
Thanks for the responses! I have a really good friend when I explained the problem, she said she would just wait until the movie comes out on DVD and come have movie night with me at home. God has blessed me with some very understanding friends!
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