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Im after a bit of information if anyone can help? Im not sure if this is a silly question but had a seizure during my EEG and I was wondering if that made me photosensitive? In Wales (United Kingdom) your only allowed 1 appointment with the neurologist and any appointments needed after then you have to go through the GP and wait 3-4 months to be seen again, which is a long time to wait for an answer to one question. Hope anyone can help, would be much appreciated. Cheers.
Hi Sah,:hello:

I'm so sorry, it looks like your question fell through the cracks - that sometimes happens during the weekend.

No, it's not a silly question. I think having a seizure during your EEG probably does mean that you are photosensitive, but I'm not sure. Sorry, that may not be a helpful answer, but at least your question will be bumped back up so that maybe someone more knowledgeable will see it and answer.:bump: Hang in there!
Did they flash strobe lights at you during your EEG? Did you have a seizure immediately afterwards? If so then you may well be photosensitive. Have you had seizures when you are around dappled sunlight/shade, flashing lights, fluorescent lights, video games or moving/vibrating patterns?

The EEG is often done when the patient is fatigued, so it could also be fatigue that triggered your seizure, or a combination of factors. Were you on medication at the time the EEG was done?

It's terrible that you can't get info sooner from your doctor. Feel free to keep asking questions here!
Have to

agree with Nak about the way the EEG is conducted, and why you might have seized during it. In the meantime, please be sure to start keeping an E journal of some sort, so that if you seize again, you can go back and look to see what the trigger might have been. Whether it was lighting, food, etc, the journal WILL help.......
Hi sah

At what point during the EEG did you have your seizure?

My teeth chattered and my hands twitched during the strobe test, both responses I hadn't experienced before. I have since experienced tingling in my feet, and now realise a number of other symptoms are photosensitive responses (e.g. my face hurting).

I'm new here too, and have learned so much from these good folks. Ask away - you'll find many answers here to fill in your 3-4 months!

How approachable/"chattable" is your GP & Consultant.
A lot depends on how close a relationship you can foster with them & don't think location counts that much.

My relationships with GP & Consultant is the same as with my Doctor in Germany - recently Herr Dr Schmidtt pulled out all the stops for me in Leuneburg - he was totally amazing.

Try flattering you Consultant! It works for me coz. she's a Prof. of Neurology @ Regional Neurosciences Unit who writes for various medical journals, etc. I always try to read her pieces, comment on them @ consultations, letting her know what I think as a "humble patient".

I know it's complete brown-nosing - but it works for me!

Thanks for the reply's!

While the strobe lights were on through the EEG, I started seeing things and it was like looking through a kaleidoscope. At the time I didnt suspect that I had epilepsy and I thought nothing much of it as I always saw colours and patterns from flashing lights and just assumed it was normal. I also have problems with lights in shops especially ASDA (Wallmart) and if there are a series of mirrors or reflective surfaces in a shop, it can aslo make me feel really ill and confused. This is why Ive wondered if I was photosensitive.

When I had my results from my EEG, my doctor and myself were was so shocked that I did have epilepsy, he put me on tablets and I left without asking hardly any questions, he just told me he had never seen it in 3 lobes before and went on about that. My GP wasnt that great when i asked if they knew anything about the epilepsy, they said I would have to wait unitl i needed to see the neurologist again and ask then.

Thanks for helping me out!
Have never had experiences re strobes - although I once had a Sz mid-way through an EEG. Consultant at first wondered if the fact I spent so long before a computer had something to do with things but then thought, if I'm not having a Sz in front of TV ....??!

After brain injury, although much of my work is computer based (necessary evil when you work with currency/PE/FTSE/etc), I don't have much of a problem as long as I strictly monitor the times I'm in front of a screen. Anyway Health & Safety covers much of that anyway.

sah, someone will come in and reply about the "three lobes" aspect, I'm sure.

Re the flashing lights etc., that's a common aura that many of us get, so you're in good company (wish I could work out how to add a smiley here - think I disabled them...). I had the kaleidoscope effect and fireworks nearly every day for a couple of years before my migraines were under control - pretty, aren't they? Wish I could say I miss them, but I'm happier without the pain that accompanied them. Thanks, Topomax - I wuv u. LOL

Someone else will be along soon wink

slightly off topic for a second

(wish I could work out how to add a smiley here - think I disabled them...)

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sounds like photosensitive to me--your GP should be able to tell you "when" the abnormal activity was seen during the EEG (was it only during the strobe or at other times). If lights bother you (confusion, headaches,etc) wear sunglasses-the lights bother you if the flash frequency is at a certain rate..flurescent lights worse than incandescent, flashes worse than continuous, etc.
Keep in touch.
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