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nightfighter's a slow typer, so I'm asking another question on his behalf -- he gets visual auras (blurry vision, kaleidascopic colours) and he's noticed they only happen in his right eye. Does anyone else get stuff like this only on one side?
Occasionally. But it swaps between eyes. Which is odd because my activity affects my left side.

Usually its both eyes at once. Again its odd. Because you right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, so it would be logical that your seizure would only happen with the affected side unless they generalize.

I've had myoclonics on both sides, but majority on my left. Or both at the same time.

I've had a tonic clonic once that only had my left side going, my right side was limp.

So my brain likes to do both sides for some reason, but majority is left.
My kalidescope colors are on both sides. But blurry vision - yes, I sometimes get one side worse than the other. Typically left side worse.
I know migraines can have all sorts of visual auras, including kaleidoscopic colors -- so maybe he's experiencing migraines/simple partials.
His ex was a migraneur, so he's pretty familiar with how migraines show up, and what happens with them. What he experiences just isn't the same -- no headache associated with the auras. Considering all the other stuff going on, it's more likely it's simple partials.

He was just curious if others get the one-sided visual auras too.
to me it really does make sense for the one side to happen. If your "damage" is on your right side *as in my case* then the left side would be affected. so it should have nothing to do with your right eye.
In his case, his brain goes nutty on both sides, it seems. He gets a lot of movements on the left side, or both sides, and pain and visual auras on the right. Weird, eh?
ditto though. Which Is why I thought it was strange because from everything I read on here and with my neuro its only supposed to affect the "broken" side. Unless there is another cause I gues...?
Yet again another thing that points toward frontal lobe E. Side switching isn't abnormal. Just like cycling through different types of seizures isn't unknown either, which seems to be what's going on too. His epigastric rising has settled itself, and now he's getting perspective warps. We also only record a fraction of what he experiences.

No wonder the docs don't believe us.
Its a wonder that doctors believe other types of seizures at all. I mean, if it wasnt for some one who said "Hey lets put an electrode to all the heads of people who act weird and log the results." we wouldnt have any clue whats going on. we would drive ourselves batty.

Also, if it werent for the guy you looked at the chicken and said "This white thing came out its butt, I wonder what it tastes like" we wouldnt eat eggs either.... I like when people do the down and dirty stuff for me.

I always wonder at the natural curiosity of people, and their inventiveness and willingness to try unusual things (like white stuff from butt).
:roflmao: White stuff from butt!

Curiousity killed the cat, but also made good breakfast!
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