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I've been on one heck of a 'music journey' since March of this year! It started with a rap-rock song (that reminded me of Linkin Park in a way) released through a global music platform on YouTube, then discovering the rock band from that song, then a progressive metal band, then an 'indie rock' band, then a few other artists and bands before my most recent discovery of a certain British band that has experimented with a few genres.

I have a lot of good music to share! For today, I'll share a song from the 'progressive metal' band, one of their 'catchier'/'poppier' songs. This was my introduction to the band and I was amazed by both the music and where it's coming from! My family are from the same country.

Flash Your Bones by Takatak, a 'progressive metal' band from Pakistan. It may interest someone to know that the members include two lead singers and two drummers. *Some video effects have a quick transition, so I'll add a Photosensitive Epilepsy warning to be on the extra safe side*

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