What inedible thing has your dog ate?

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Norman also stole my mums dentures once and chewed them took them up the garden lil rascal oh how I miss this boy!
Years ago we had a dog with sudden problems pooping while something was hanging out of his ass. My husband had to pull one of my pantyhose stockings out of the dogs but... Guess he liked the sweaty smell and took it out of the laundry basket.
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The creepiest thing he likes to eat are all the eyes off of the stuffed animals my kids leave out. So when I'm scooping up after him I occasionally have an eye looking back up at me. Really weird.
This might change the thread into a weird things your animal has eaten. But, anyone remember these

My cat ate one, she was rubbing her bum along the floor one day and we couldn't figure out why, when we had a look we saw the little circular bit hanging out. She'd eaten it and it had to be pulled out and it was fully intact.....
Hahaha...Our dog always tears the eyes off of all her stuffed animals! It's like she says in her head "Are you looking at me?" Eyes gone, problem solved :)
huskymom! Haha! Eyes gone problem solved! And I am imagining a gangsta accent with the "Are you looking at me?"

frusteratedhusband: pancake batter is one of the messiest things ever to clean up. It goes in as an innocent looking powder and expands in the stomach as a huge doughy mess. Good times. Good times.

crunchfrog: I totally remember those sticky hands! THey would get all dusty and dirty but were still sticky and fun. Weren't there sticky octopuses too? Did they come out as the same time as jelly shoes?
our male has ate walnut shells,sticks,paper wood chips,and one time he ate part of a kong.the vet had to take that one out. oud female likes to eat poop his not her own.
My parents have 3 dogs & at less 2 of the dogs like eating poop lmao.
The oldest dog Lilly sometimes eats small clunks of dried up duck poop.
Our darling just likes to eat rabbit droppings.
One of the small dogs Toby eats rabbit droppings.
I haven't seen the other small dog Sharlee eat any poop yet :roflmao:
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Our German shepherd ate the Christmas tree lights off the tree along with the candy canes .... She also has eaten the wrappers to dog chews. But left the actual chew lol
Yes they were off all the bulbs ... We were out at the time ....the week after i have never seen the most colour s%#& in all my life !!!!
Just in the past week, Maximus (or Max when he isnt in trouble) our mini-weenie dog, has eaten my faux diamond earings that my daughter bought me for Christmas, my chanclas, and some leftover balloons left on the floor from a birthday party. OH and cat liter. ew. This makes me sound like a messy person. Maybe Im at fault here? Anyone know a good cleaning service?
I remember the neighbours dog taking a chunk out of my cousins ass,many years ago.Not sure did the dog eat it or not,but f%&k man,was it funny for us watching.But there is a morale to this story-Never wind up an already aggresive dog.But it was still comic!!!
My dog ate a brand new pair of pants, the tag was still on them and everything. He ended up getting beat with those the remnent of those very pants... From that day forward he would run to the other room when laundry was being folded...
Sorry for chiming in to this thread so late, but I just had to share this in case it helps someone out. I wish I had gotten this advice years ago.

Training your dog really is the only long-term solution, people.
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