What would do you?

I don't know, but the "drowsiness" effect of our AEDs no longer affects me. I've even had nights when I had to take some type of sleep aid due to inability to fall asleep, mostly on nights when I was extremely tired.
I guess we'll never know for sure. It was just a thought.
As I mentioned before about my wake/sleep cycle being set & how long I sleep: we just had a party in our house last night, and by the time we put all the leftovers away & washed as many dishes as we could easily store to let dry, it was almost midnight. I still wake up a short time after 6am!! It's now 8:15am, & both my husband & son are still sleeping--only I am awake.
I must be losing it. I don't why I haven't noticed the order I had this title in before today. It was supposed to be "What would you do" but instead, I had it as "What would do you". At least you knew what I was trying to say. Thanks everyone!
After my dosage of Vimpat was modified recently, I sleep absolutely all day. Am considering taking AM meds in the PM, groggily getting up six hours later to take the 'afternoon' dose of the Vimpat and Dyclomine, then taking my PM dosage of meds in the morning. At least this way, I'll be reasonably awake during the day and can get a few things done. I've been up since 3AM (six hours after PM dose) and took morning meds a little before nine; starting to feel sleepy already. Can't live like this.
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