1. A

    New Aussie here ... who's had video monitoring?

    Hi, I'm a 44yo woman in Melbourne. I was diagnosed in 2002 after a couple of nocturnal seizures, then a grand mal. Since, I've had many absences where I just zone out/deja vu. They're irritating and embarrassing but I can handle them and I've always held a licence. But a month ago, driving my...
  2. N

    [News] Kerry Kennedy -- possible seizure while driving

    Epilepsy (or at least having a seizure while driving) seems to be in the news lately...
  3. P

    What is the worst accident that has happened to you because of a seizure?

    My chief problem is falling down. Yes, I walk into walls, drop things, etc. But falling down has resulted in countless concussions and a broken foot. (Just got the cast removed. Hooray!)
  4. thornton8000

    finally getting thoughts clear from 17 years ago

    so I'm finally getting some pieces put together and they always seem to come to me at night between 2-4am it's the strangest thing. please read this sorry if it's a little long and let me know what you think. Thanks, Mike puzzles slowly coming together about bike accident 17 years ago,, HCMC...
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