complex partial

  1. M

    Seizures and ADHD meds

    Hi, I'm miserable for multiple reasons, one of which is the incompatibility between Ritalin and seizures. I'm honestly tired of doctors just shrugging and suggesting that I discuss with another one. Meds are interacting with each other or don't work well enough. I have simple and sometimes...
  2. N

    30+ years with Epilepsy, still lots of ???

    Glad to meet my peers. I'm 53 now. Diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was 21. Some Neuro docs say it was from a head injury when I was 4...some docs just dont have opinion. I've had uncontrolled complex partials since day one. Meds help but not 100%. I went on disability 4 years ago after...
  3. rock and roll

    Should I worry about continous Auras?

    I've been having what I can only describe as an avalanche of deja vu all day long. I'm really feeling off right now, because it's rare for me to have an aura before a full on Complex Partial... At least not one that is that long lasting so it's really frightening for those few seconds of...
  4. M

    Was it complex partial seizures or something?

    I only remember parts of that i raised up in bed, said "yes im coming" whistled alittlebit, and taking the digital clock in the bed last night. I know i did it bechause i recorded my sleep with a camera. I one other time destroyed my cdplayer, i took out the round thing that makes the cd go...
  5. M

    Think I have epilepsy - EEG tomorrow!

    Hi there, I think I have been having Partial Seizures for about 10 years. I'm having an EEG tomorrow, and then I have an appointment with a neurologist. I only just went to the doctor about this a few months ago as a result of pushing by my worried partner. I have these roughly once per month...
  6. C


    Hi my name is Courtney I'm in my early 20's. I'm new to this site. I have a small learning disability which affects my reading, writing and math. My seizure are absence, simple and complex partial and they started about a year ago so still new to this. It happened when I was at my aunts house it...
  7. G

    Complex Partials?

    Hi all - So over the past year I have come off of Dilantin (seizure free since 2001) only to start having complex partial seizures. My family doc said they were panic attacks at first but after the third one, which my wife witnessed, I went to my neuro. He said they were definitely complex...
  8. brain

    Complex Partial Seizures / Epilepsy

    COMPLEX PARTIAL SEIZURES This vote and comments section applies to those who suffers from Complex Partial Seizures. Here are some partial quotes: COMPLEX PARTIAL SEIZURES - from eMed COMPLEX PARTIAL SEIZURES - Epilepsy Foundation COMPLEX PARTIAL EPILEPSY by Feel free...
  9. T

    Newbie to here and kinda new to E

    hi all i've had epilepsy for almost 5 years now but its still feels like i've just got it recently. none of my meds are working properly and its driving me insane. to make things a little tricky too...i have diabetes, asthma and a genetic bone disorder. the diabetes and epilepsy are thing pieces...
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