1. Birdbomb

    Dr. Drug Rep = Power of the almighty dollar

    :medsym:Dr. Drug Rep :medsym: This article will OPEN your eyes. Detail men know exactly what they are doing. Marketing is BIG, BIG business. I wonder just how well Dr. Carlat sleeps.
  2. A

    Doctors baffled

    Doctors baffled by patients not taking prescriptions Studies show that people with chronic conditions required to take prescriptions on a regular basis often fail to do so. "Adherence is a huge problem, costing billions of...

    How many Drs have you seen?

    How many Drs have you seen for your seizure control? I have seen more than I care to count and was so fed up in the end I switched to homeopathy. Riva
  4. Bernard

    My Epileptologist / Neurologist ...

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  5. Bernard

    Doctors not immune to sales pitches

    This is an interesting article although I doubt many here will find it entirely surprising: http*// - Doctors not immune to sales pitches
  6. RanMan

    Neourologist vs Epiletologist

    I've been dealing with the same Dr. (Neorologist professor for McMaster University Medical Centre) for over 20 years and my seizures have been under control with a coctail of meds, besides, I'm probably better off dealing with a Neurologist vs an Epileptologist since I'm also being monitored for...
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