focal seizures

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    Newbie here...(focal onset epilepsy) looking to chat

    Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with focal onset epilepsy about 3-4 months ago after a year of being told I had panic attacks/anxiety a little bit of a relief strangely enough. I have simple partial seizures which involve an epigastric rise (I believe thats what they are called)...
  2. L

    1st Complex Partial, Recovery Time

    Hello! I'm female, 52, and had my 1st ever seizure 5 days ago. I'm told it was a complex partial. After a bit of reading, I'm just wondering about my recovery time. I took a day off work(thinking that was sensible) but when I went back 48 hrs after the seizure thinking I was fine, I felt...
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    Correlation between ADD and epilepsy in EEG in child

    I'm mother of a girl (soon will be 6 years old), which lately had certain health issues: vertigo, dimming of vision, weakness, headaches very rare, in case she gets scared of conditions above her lips go whiter (you can notice when fear manifests on her face), she is often stares, but she is...
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    Issues with meds and scared to rejoin the workforce.

    I have focal seizures. I've been on lamictal, Keppra and now trileptal. Lamictal worked but I had a few break through auras, would drop things all the time and couldn't remember words or they would come out wrong. I also had no memory. It gave me horrible acne. I tried every medication the...
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    My Symptoms - Please help

    It all started when I was 15 (I am now 23 year old male). I was round my neighbor's house. I was sitting on the floor and I was suddenly over come with breathlessness. I didn't have another incident for a few months after, but when I did it was totally different. My body would violently shake...
  6. travel bug

    Hi all! Input much appreciated!

    Hello everyone! I‘ve been lurking here for about a week and love all the input, diversity of posters, and variety of topics. I thought I’d finally come out of the shadows and introduce myself.:girl: I’ve had epilepsy since early in 2007 when a seizure sent me to the ER where I was diagnosed...
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