head injury

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    New to seizures, epilepsy, and this website

    Hello, I'm completely new to all of this and very grateful to have somewhere, and someone, to talk to. My name's Cait, I'm 24 and had my first seizure in October. I was very stressed, sick with some unknown virus (still don't know what it was, I was told samples were sent to the CDC), and just...
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    Simple Partial/2ndary Generalized, AED side effectd

    Hi - I'm a 40-something Seattle-area professional, originally from the Northeast. I work in Web publishing and related fields. I've had seizures since my early twenties, starting about a year after injuring my head in a car accident. I also have an older half brother who had seizures as a...
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    Needs loads of help for college.

    So i study media in college that focuses on photography, filmography and so on. We are mostly on computers at college the only times we're not on computers is when we do maths and english or doing photography but that creates a trigger. I'm finding it hard to work as i have seizures 24/7. the...
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    Hi, I am really looking for advise. My partner had a seizure recently in which he fell backwards and hit his head causing a small bleed. He doesn't remember anything of that whole morning. He has had a seizure about 18 months previously, so there is now going to be investigation as to whether...
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    father w/little kids/history of brain injury

    hello. i am new here and have some questions. background: my husband, 33, had a critical head injury at age 19 and a one-wk coma. since then he has memory and concentration problems, slowed comprehension in only certain subjects and at certain times, and a combo of other difficult to describe...
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    Hello Everyone, My Story

    Hello, my name is Charlie and I was finally diagnosed with epilepsy last fall. I had a severe head injury when I was 18 and I am 42 now. I was in a coma for 50 days. After I woke up, those stange feelings began, I was sill in the hospital. Those feelings were felt like a chill, bad taste in...
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