1. BritishGuy

    Degradation of Fine Motor Skills

    I'm taking 1000mg of Keppra and 300mg of Lyrica twice a day for JME. I've noticed over the last 6 weeks or so (it's when I started these new dosage levels) that my motor skills are starting to degrade. My seizures had already started to get stronger and more frequent (which is ultimately what...
  2. BritishGuy


    Hey there, I thought I'd go ahead and make a forum post to introduce myself since I had started to browse around on the forums. I was diagnosed with JME in November 2011. Although the dx is new, the condition is not. I started having spasms in my neck, shoulders and upper arms around the age...
  3. M

    Weird change in seizures!

    :ponder: What on earth has happened since last night. For months my seizures have had the same pattern. I have spent 4 days now on a slightly higher dose of Lyrica, which was planned. The extra 75 mg's have controlled my seizures, so that they "don't develop into big seizures". As if they're...
  4. dfwtexas


    I went to pain management doctor this week. My trauma orthopedic said since it has almost been 3 years since my accident, my pain is now deemed chronic and I need to go to someone to help me. I am very hopeful after seeing this new doctor. He spent over a hour with me, getting a handle on what I...
  5. J

    Switch Lamictal - Lyrica. Feelin' weird :)

    I'm still having complex partial seizures after my gran-mal last november (2007). I'm on tegretol as my base med, but have been on abotu 4 different meds to try and control the partials...which don't seem to want to be controlled. So I've been on lamictal for about 3 months, and we've switched...
  6. M


    Has anyone tired this for seizures? Tripp started it yesterday. It was added to his depakote.
  7. speber

    Suicide Risk From 11 Epilepsy Drugs

    I received this in an email and thought I should share with you all since I've seen threads recently touching on the subject of Trileptal and its effects on you: ...and I thought it was just me feeling 'off'........whew!
  8. emilyobryant

    Lyrica - y'alls experiences?

    My neurologist and psychiatrist talked and decided to add 50 mg of lyrica twice a day to my medications. Its only the second AED I am taking. They suggested it because I have had horrible trouble sleeping for the past several months and that is a seizure trigger. I tried ambien, lunesta...
  9. Bernard

    Lyrica approved for Epilepsy by the FDA

    Apparently, this is the first new epilepsy drug approved by the FDA in five years: FDA Approves New Epilepsy Drug Report Cites Reaction to New Anti-Epilepsy Drug
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