1. Matthew74

    Suggestion for VEEG, EMU?

    Since a couple of you are, or were, in monitoring, do you have any suggestions or insights for making it comfortable? (Beyond the most obvious stuff.) I'm going in next week.
  2. Matthew74

    Epilepsy Monitoring at the Mayo in Rochester, MN?

    Has anyone been to the EMU at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I'm scheduled for the end of the month. I was in in the EMU at Beth Israel in Boston, on VEEG, but they were trying to stop my seizures, so it was different. I was actually in the neurology ward at the Mayo after my back surgery...
  3. G

    Radio over IP monitoring

    My adult son is moving out soon & will be living on his own most of the time. He has grand mal seizures that occur mostly at night, but sometimes during the day as well. We are looking for ways to monitor this without being intrusive. Has anyone here been using "Radio over IP" for such an...
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