Epilepsy Monitoring at the Mayo in Rochester, MN?


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Has anyone been to the EMU at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I'm scheduled for the end of the month.

I was in in the EMU at Beth Israel in Boston, on VEEG, but they were trying to stop my seizures, so it was different. I was actually in the neurology ward at the Mayo after my back surgery a month ago, so I will probably be in the same place, which would be nice. I will be there alone.

If anyone would describe their experience it would be very helpful.

Some possible questions:
Were you allowed to have covers?
Were you allowed out of bed? (Walks, bathroom)
Were you allowed to bathe?
Did you have to wear the belt strap in bed? (I'm concerned it could hurt my back if I seize.)
If you have secondarily generalized seizures, were they able to stop you before you generalized or got injured.
Did you have access to a refrigerator or microwave?
Did you have to look at strobe lights, or hyperventilate, and how often?
Did you do any excersize?
How fast did they take you off the meds?
How many seizures did you have?
Did they give you long enough to stabilize and recover before releasing you?
How long after being released did it take you to get back to "normal"?
How did you handle it emotionally?

I have been to the Mayo quite a bit, and had a lot of stuff done there (E and other). Everything has been great, and I have always felt safe. This is intimidating though. My seizures are painful (while I'm having thebm), terrifying, and my grand mals (which I haven't had for like a decade or more) can be violent. I still can't get the blood out of my mind from one of them. I always chew my tongue bad too (as many of you can relate).

I'm gonna eat a bunch of Doritos, my favorite from when I was a kid (loaded with MSG), eat massive amounts of chocolate (or chocolate chip cookies), drink coffee and Pepsi, and watch movies. Probably won't get much sleep. Then I'll probably feel worse because of all the junk food.
I know some members are familiar with the Mayo, not sure if any have done an in-patient EEG there. Those are great questions -- and the Mayo Clinic should be able to answer at least some of them for you. Can you contact the EMU unit there and ask them directly?
Yes, I'm going to call my doctor first, and then the EMU. The thing about the Mayo is that when I start taking matters into my own hands disaster ensues. Once you are in the pipeline, or you know who to ask, things are awesome, but they have a system.

I would REALLY appreciate personal stories though.
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