sleep apnea

  1. Bernard

    3 months seizure free

    I haven't posted much about my wife's travails with her epilepsy in a long time. Truth be told, there wasn't a lot to tell. For the last several years, she's more or less been on the same 3 medications (with small tweaks to the dosages) and having seizures with varying frequencies. The...
  2. sophiesmom

    feeling isolated and afraid for my daughter

    new to your forum, feeling isolated, afraid. my 40 year old daughter has lennox gastaut syndrome, the tonic episodes have increased in the past few months and she has fallen many times, broken her nose, lost front teeth. she is scheduled for maxillo mandibular advancement surgery at the end of...
  3. F

    Sleep Apnea

    Hello All My Doc has been trying to have me do a sleep study for years because all my seizures happen at night and I snore. Little did I know that when you snore the oxygen gets cut off to the brain and when that happens your seizure threshold goes down. After the study turns out that I wake...
  4. horsehead

    went to the epilepsy clinic today

    I saw the neuro and he thinks I may have sleep apnea. al:ponder:so seizures as well but he doesn't know the cause. I will have a sleep study done and a three day VEEG. I know some of you on here have sleep apnea does your seizure meds help you? My seizures are nearly gone since I started...
  5. forward2007

    Sleep apnea raises death risk 46 percent: study

    This sounds scary! WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Severe sleep apnea raises the risk of dying early by 46 percent, U.S. researchers reported Monday, but said people with milder sleep-breathing problems do not share that risk. They said people with severe breathing disorders during sleep were more...
  6. forward2007

    Something anyone on the forum who thinks they might have sleep apnea

    I was recently getting desperate to find any way to improve my sleep. I wasn't even getting into a deep enough sleep that would allow me to reach the REM stage (in other words, I wasn't having many dreams). I saw an add on TV for something called "R.I.P. Snore". It's a plastic piece you put...
  7. forward2007

    Sleep Apnea/upcoming surgeries and sleep study

    I am 99% sure I have sleep apnea. In a month I am having a Turbinite Reduction and a Deviated Septum corrected. 3 weeks after the surgeries, I am having a sleep study done. I am hoping the surgeries help my sleep enough that I won't need a CPAP Machine.
  8. H


    Has anyone been so tired that even coffee can't wake you up? No matter how much you drink. I could get a full nights sleep and still wake tired sometimes. I have had that happen several times. I have had a sleep study done two years ago. They said I have sleep apnea. A kind of sleep disorder...
  9. forward2007

    How many members have both Epilepsy and Sleep Apnea?

    I have been officially diagnosed with partial complex seizures since I was 5 years old. But I am 90% sure I also have Sleep Apnea. On many occasions I have woken up breathing very fast with my heart racing. I went to my regular Dr. and was given one of those take home devices that measured my...
  10. Zoe

    nocturnal seizures, neurofeedback, seizures

    Just some information to explore on nocturnal seizures and neurofeedback. Abstracts and Papers . . . from SNR Members and Meetings Prior to 1995 (abs. pg. 5) More neurofeedback research links here:
  11. D

    Sleep Apnea

    Hey everybody, Between my wife and Family Dr. the 2 of them got me to have the first part of a sleep apnea test with the eeg leads, and the monitors to check my breathing through the night. When it was over my wife asked the nurse if I stoped breathing any time , well she said she couldn't tell...
  12. RanMan

    Night Sweats - Sleep Apnea

    For the past several years, I have been getting bad night sweats. I've never given it much thought but now I wonder if it's a medical problem. The bedroom has AC and it is not unusually warm in there. I recently had a physical exam and forgot to mention about the night sweats ~ every night. I...