Something anyone on the forum who thinks they might have sleep apnea

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I was recently getting desperate to find any way to improve my sleep. I wasn't even getting into a deep enough sleep that would allow me to reach the REM stage (in other words, I wasn't having many dreams).

I saw an add on TV for something called "R.I.P. Snore". It's a plastic piece you put in your mouth while you sleep that slightly moves your lower jaw forward. This allows more air to travel through your airway. It also sounds like it prevents or at least reduces the number of times you stop breathing in your sleep.

Once I started using it, I started dreaming a lot again. It's not the same thing or as good as a CPAP Machine. But it's a lot better than nothing.

This is not an add for the R.I.P.Snore. I looked online and there are several products that work the same way. I even read you can get a more fancy version from your Dentist that is custom fit to your mouth.