1. B

    Tegretol causes weight gain?

    I was prescribed tegretol by my neuro. Ive read 'awful' stories in the web of people gaining huge amounts of weight on it. I asked my neuro to give me something that wouldnt have such side effect. I'm just begining to recover from bulimia and i know that putting on weight at th wis point would...
  2. residualvisuals


    Guess I should do a quick intro. I'm 22 years old, was diagnosed with epilepsy at 13 shortly after my first seizure and EEG. Was prescribed Tegretol, that made things worse, and went to a new neuro. He gave me a second opinion on the EEG and told me that I actually had juvenile myoclonic...
  3. speber

    Suicide Risk From 11 Epilepsy Drugs

    I received this in an email and thought I should share with you all since I've seen threads recently touching on the subject of Trileptal and its effects on you: ...and I thought it was just me feeling 'off'........whew!
  4. Bee91

    Silly Tegretol

    I'm on Tegretol 200mg 3x a day plus a couple other things... It pretty much makes me act like a drunk. Not only that, but I get really emotional on it. I will cry for no apparent reason. Sure, my friend did just get a concussion (That's what started my epilepsy and I'm afraid she's going to...
  5. forward2007

    Has anyone ever taken more than 1200 mg of Tegretol a day?

    My Dr. recently raised my dose for Tegretol XR from 1200 mg/day to 1400 mg/day. I heard somewhere that the highest dose recommended for Tegretol is 1200 mg/day. Does anyone know if this is true? Also, is anyone familiar with how long it takes for an increased dose of Tegretol to take effect?
  6. A

    Switching from Tegretol to Lamictal

    Hello everyone, I recently went to my neurologist for my yearly examination and I had some labs done. I am currently taking Tegretol XR 500 mg 2 x daily. When my doctor took my labs he found out that my liver enzymes were increased and as a result he said that he wanted to switch my...
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