1. S

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, I am 43, and have been on treatment for epilepsy since I was 8. I've been seizure free for about 9 years now, but have been told by the doctors that I cannot think of withdrawing my medication. I feel that the long term medication is beginning to tell on me by way of certain side effects...
  2. S

    Advice please!

    Myself and my daughter have different types of epilepsy. Mine is very well controlled being seizure free for eight years!! However, my daughter, who started having seizures at 13 is not quite so lucky, she is now 17. Although she doesn't have frequent seizures (only three in the last six...
  3. M

    Starting Topamax

    Hi: My Neuro has suggested adding Topamax to my current Tegretol to try and eliminate the complex partial seizures I'm experiencing about 2 or 3 times a week. After doing some research on the nicknamed Dopamax, I'm interested to hear from others who also took this drug and Tegretol at the same...
  4. Hand of Blood

    tegretol xr and your side effects!

    Post here what side effects you are getting with tegretol xr whoever is on them would be nice for some input because im trying to see on the net side effects people have and most people seem to be fine.... but i feel sooooooo bad on them.... been on them 6 years now and they have always made me...
  5. epileric

    Learned More about Tegretol today.....

    Had a new neurologists appointment today. I was thrilled because it was supposed to be at the end of March but someone cancelled so they got me in really quick. So far he seems pretty great. He sent me for a million tests to make sure that my Carbamazapine (Tegretol) isn't effecting me too...
  6. Endless

    That good ol' pre-seizure feeling

    Your thoughts and experience would really help out here. How do I get this to stop? I've been feeling "pre-seizury" for the last two weeks, and I can't figure out why. It's pretty constant with a few breaks here and there. I have a headache, too. (An aura for me is this feeling of impending...
  7. Hand of Blood

    tegretol and side effects

    has anyone had real bad side effects from them? and what are ya side effects? i been on em for abut 6 years now was just 800mg now im up to 1000mg.... i always did have bad side effects but to th point now where im scared to go out the door coz i feel so bad i get blurred vision and brightness...
  8. travel bug

    Hi all! Input much appreciated!

    Hello everyone! I‘ve been lurking here for about a week and love all the input, diversity of posters, and variety of topics. I thought I’d finally come out of the shadows and introduce myself.:girl: I’ve had epilepsy since early in 2007 when a seizure sent me to the ER where I was diagnosed...
  9. R

    Memory problems and AEDs?

    Hi, I am a new member, my name is Robin and I am from the UK. I am 51 years old and have been complaining of memory problems for a long time now. This year I read a brief article on the side effects of anti-epileptic drugs, which included memory, speed of thinking and movement, and I am thinking...
  10. P

    Epilepsy, anxiety and depression

    Getting diagnosed with epilepsy is depressing enough. As is suffering through the consequences. And the sheer anxiety of not knowing how and when a seizure can occur can occur can be crippling in itself. Will it be in school, at a party, while you’re showering, eating, walking down stairs, or...
  11. A


    Hi everyone, I am new here and am just looking for some feedback on other members regarding keppra and tegretol. I have been on keppra for 9 months and unfortunately it does not agree with me, so switching to tegretol today. Do any other members take tegretol and if so, has it improved you day...
  12. M

    new generic carbamazepine time release formula

    I was just wondering if anyone who takes tegretol xr has switched to the new generic carbamazepine time release formula and if they had any problems. I didn't even know there was a new generic available till today I went to my pharmacy to get my meds and they substituted my tegretol xr with the...
  13. carlasmoore

    Penicillin and Epilepsy

    Is there any connection between the use of penicillin and seizures? :soap: I was on PCN before having a febrile seizure at age 4. At age 16 I was on PCN when I had a break through grand mal seizure. I have been on Tegretol for the 25+ years since. Any connection? :ponder:
  14. brain

    Cardiovascular problems: Common AEDS may increase risk of cardiovascular problems

    Cardiovascular problems: Common anti-seizure drugs may increase risk of cardiovascular problems
  15. C


    I have just been diagnosed with frontal lobe Epilepsy. They told me to take Tegratol 400. I am having some trouble with this. Gastro, Thats ok, Loosing weight. I have always had trouble remembering to take tablets. Especially at night time. Thats OK as well. I will learn. What i need to know is...
  16. T

    Wanting to learn more

    My wife has seizures and sometimes she gets really tired and irritated, sometimes frustrated. She says its the side effects from the medicines and the fact that she is sick. I just don't get it. So I came here. Do you guys all have those problems with your medicine?
  17. Bernard

    Tegretol Retard

    In the USA, Novartis markets an extended-release carbamazepine drug as Tegretol XR. In the UK, they market a slightly different formulation (a coated pellet) as Tegretol Retard. Perhaps it's just a cultural thing, but the name for the UK product seems a bit insensitive - especially in light of...
  18. K


    Hi everyone, Sorry I havent been here lately, my lil girl has been sick; we are trying to figure out why she has been running a 103 fever all week!!!! Anyway, I have now officially been given Epitol. (generic Tegretol) I am wondering your experiences with it, and any suggestions. I took it...
  19. KellyD

    Am I Crazy?

    When I was first diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures earlier this year and prescribed Tegretol, my first question was "how will the medicine affect my breast fed baby?" I was told by my neurologist that although the tegretol does pass into the breast milk it was the safest drug for breast...
  20. Casie


    Does anyone know anything about tegretol. I know what the doc told me and what I have been able to look up. I was hoping to get some possible personal experiences with it though. Anything that you know would be a great appreciation!
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