weight gain

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    So today my doctor started me on Tegretol as Lamictal was not controlling my seizures. I've never been on Tegretol and in 4 weeks my doctor will remove my Lamictal as she prefers me to just be on one medication. The questions I'm asking is; does it cause weight gain? That's a major issue for...
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    Weight Gain! Ugggh!

    I have simple partial seizures. I started out on Lamictal and it was working great but after 11 months and increasing my dosage, I got the worst acne of my life. It was horrible and was making me depressed. My dr. put me on Keppra but after only 4 months she took me off. I was depressed, moody...
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    muscle twitches, upping depakote

    Hi everyone, I've had epilepsy since I was 11 and after going through some different medications, I finally found that depakote worked to control my seizures. (I have juvenille myclonic). I've been doing great on this for about 12 years now, but recently I've been finding that I have very small...
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    Hello! New at this...need help!

    Hi I have had a seizure disorder since age 18 due to a car accident when I was 10 (developed scar tissue on the brain). I have grand mal seizures-only 4 total but they were the scariest thing I have ever experienced. I have been seizure free since 1999. I have been on depakote this whole...
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