another night seizure and hit my head

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Hello everyone!

So I had A night seizure that I woke up to this morning, and when I combed my hair and when I got to the righ side it was tender to any kind of pressure, I mean any, already had a migraine, back was sore, been walking around in a fog, been out of it, sore body, had urination agin ugh!

no new stresses, no new med changes, no diet changes, so right now I have to wait till the 24th of july to see my neuro for upping my keppra, but I may decide to be a "squeaky wheel" and call him on monday and ask him about meds since they've been more active again and more agressive.

And my fluid intake has been more water and juice my daily soda is a 3 a day.


If only we could always film ourselves during the night to see what sort of antics we get up to.
All we have are clues. Does your wife sleep through everything? DOesn't hurt to call the neurologist. It keeps you on the top of the pile whether they want you there or not. If anything he'll give you advice and to try something different just to get you off his back! I mean this in a good way of course. Their lives are so busy and they see so many people that it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.
I analyze and question everything too and it always seems to bring me more questions than answers and I'm left more frustrated than anything else. Do you find this to be true?
Take care of yourself. Be the squeaky wheel.
And this is this is the 1st time I've actually hit my head at night during a seizure and now the pain from it is starting to "bug" "bother" me during certain movements ie turning my head, having to raise my voice to get my kids to listen to me lol, moving my head forward and backward or sometimes it justs feels likes like i can feel my heartbeat it this normal after this happen after hitting your head on something during a night seizure?
How many nocturnal seizures have you had? IMO, you need to call you neuro first thing Monday morning and tell him/her what is happening, especially if these night time seizures are increasing and you've hit your head.
Cint, that's why I got the new neuro and he orderdbloodwork to check the levels of my meds to up my keppra and prob stop the topamax and start something new but they seem to be getting more frquent again, now that my body is getting used to the doses that I'm on I've been keeping a journal and they've been 3-4 days apart and sometimes they comes one after another for 2-3 days ina row so I'll be calling on monday to see what his thoughts are I just hope I remember since I have so many things to do next week and my memory is just horrible i have notes all over to remind me but sometimes thats not enough I have reminders on my phone but sometimes thats not enough lol
but I usually have them after my wife goes to work so I can never get them recordeed to have them taped for my neuro so life goes on :)

Thanks Cint,
You poor thing. Its hard to say whats normal. Especially since you don't know how you hit your head. I would say try some ice on the injury, and back of your neck, and also some tylenol or something. Speaking from a concussion standpoint (I'm well experienced here :() like with any injury, when you're in pain your BP may rise and that makes the headache worse. I was advised to seek medical care if my symptoms got worse. I would suggest the same for you. They don't do anything for a concussion at the hospital except a brain scan if they suspect internal hemorrhage, but its important to know if you have one and what to do for it. You actually are supposed to severly limit your external stimuli such as TV and things for a week or more.

Sorry hun. Wish this didn't happen. I'm glad you are journaling all these things.
TY julie, as my old PCP would tell you I'm a TBI vet ROFL!
especially after my bicycle accident, but since this is a new form/type of head injury i figured I'd ask my 2nd family here @ CWE who have dealt with this for a longer period of time than I have so I could try and understand the difference or if they were roughly the same type of injury just by a different cause
Oh yeah... lol... I forget everything post my tbi.
Bike accident... major part of your story... duh. :)
Mike, I agree, some tylenol and some ice if appropriate. I've had a few concussions and if you are really tender and sore you may want to get some further care if it gets worse. I hope you feel better. Hang in there.

ty you all!
it's better today I had a seizure this morning, dealing with a migraine and back pain but thats life.

I agree with the other members and I think I would utilize the fall factor when talking to the dr. In the past I tended to have my falls when I got up at night during the nocturnals and when that happened the dr got me in much quicker. If I called just asking questions I often wouldn't hear back. Now that was with the neurologist.

My epileptologist was a different story, she was was a gem and she or her nurse would call immediately.

Be safe and stay in bed at night! :angel:
ty eli,
So i should say I fell instead of hitting my head? since I dont know either way? for a better response?

You sound pretty beat up and you don't know what happened. I would stress to the dr that you suffered physical damage this time and are concerned. As others mentioned, you really do have to be a squeaky wheel. I have yet to meet a neuro who isn't over-booked with appointments.
ya me too Eli my new one is booked but is a really good one and has been trying to help me more than my last one so I'm going to stick with him until he runs out of options lol

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