anti depressants???

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Hey just wondering if anyone here is on them? and which one?

I been giving citalopram, I looked at sites and there so many side effects and its ment to interact with AED?
Anyone on this med can give me some advice on what its like before i take it!
Hand of Blood,

I am on 40mg of citatopram a day. I've been on it for almost a year. I started at 20mg and been on 40mg for almost 4 months I am also on Tegretol, Kepppra and lomotogine. So far I have had no issues with it. It does help with my depression. Not so much right now with everything that's going on in my life. I was also concerned about it lowering my seizure threshold but my neuro psychiatrist keeps a close eye on that. I know after a certain amount of time they have to do blood test for other issues which I don't remember what that is. I would google it. It is also the generic form of Celexa. As long as you are closely monitored by dr. psych I would not worry about taking it.
Hope that helps.
My Neurologist prescribed Nortriptyline but not for depression, even though it is an anti-depressant. He prescribed it for my vibrating foot. He said it's the most tolerable and safe to take with my anti-seizure meds.

Did your Neurologist prescribe it? If so, I'm sure he or she wouldn't if he or she didn't think it was safe.
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