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So I noticed that when I start getting these weird feelings in my head... the world seems to slow down and time seems ot speed up, my head startes gathering pressure, it starts to hurt. I notice that my typing and writing get horrid. I don't even notice it til i read it like 3 times. Plus the confusion seems to be getting worse. I'm just... confused! (I'm having the feeling write now so if it this doesn't make sense... sorry XP )

Anybody get that with their aura's?
I get the feeling like time is going slow. Each new symptom that appears comes on very slowly.... its like Im in slow motion.
Yeah me too... then when the actual seizure hits...whammo, it's like going from slow-mo to fast foreward.
Yeap, thats how it is for me too. In slow motion, I get symptoms of... First a really weird feeling, like something isnt right... then comes by heart racing... my stomach feels like I want to puke, then the tingling starts, and my head will turn to my right... that all is in slow motion. Once my head does turn, my body stiffins and starts to jerk. Its at that point that it starts to speed up. Once the jerking is over, i feel relief, but Im so sore.
yup. exactly what happens :O
I feel some relief but then after wards oh... I get a headache so terrible it makes me cry. Like hot lances going up my head then peircing my frontal lobe and eyeballs.
Yeah when I was younger after seizures my head would hurt to bad that I begged my mom to hold my head still. I remember laying on the couch after a seizure and putting my head on her lap to hold my temple areas. It was like If I even turned my head alittle it felt like my head was going to explode.
Yeah, except I don't like physical touch when I get done with my seizures. (weird... I know) I use my body pillow and wrap it around my head.
Yeah that was when I was really young, like close to my teen years. Since then, after a seizure, I mostly just want to be left alone. I dont move around much, and want to sleep.
Yeah, I gt really grumpy. I snap at people unintentionally. But these are's are getting really bad. I just get really spacy and I get a little confused. It's like everything seems to not make sense or the dots don't connect anymore.
me 2 im not sure the yare auras but when im in place like shopping centre i slow down and they all seem to be speeding toward me then i panic and get really confued over my head and feel like im going to tonic clonic but i dont
I hate it when it happens in public. I feel embarrassed because I feel stupid. I don't understand anything people say to me. And they think I'm just being rude.
I'm proud of you.I have atleast 5 types of seizures. And ones with ticking my ear every thing around has changed. I think. But its me.they caught this on monitoring once and I will tell you it is one of the most frustrating seizures I have.Get a dr. to look at it right away.they could be acouple type of seizure. I stutter to once in a while when I have those seizures. You will be fine.
i get like a sort of ....wave feeling over my head the aura comes and goes in waves like 1 sec its there next not and so on.... this will go on for near a full day sometimes
I also have several different types of seizures and aside from the clonic-tonic I experience partials most daily. Generally Mine start with brain bursts and from there I begin to have cramping of my tongue and jaw which causes a serious speech impediment. My brain bursts then normally cause me to have involuntary movements in my neck and my hands and especially which makes it nearly impossible to write,type or anything like that. I'm only 30 yrs old and find it quite embarrassing especially in public when I'm trying to pay for groceries and I'm having partials and can hardly swipe my card much less sign. For me, the partials are my auras and I have constant anxiety that C-T is coming. 9 times out of 10 it's just partials. Sorry to ramble but I don't think the Dilantin and Lamectil are cutting it anymore and my Dr. won't try anything different. Thanks for reading
It's me again....I wanted to ask if when in the dark does anyone see flashes like their getting their picture taken??? This keeps me up a lot of nights. Also, I can't stand the confusion at times....I'm surprised I've been able to get this much out.
Hand of Blood, I get the wave feeling too. Most of my partials are pretty short... Or maybe a flash is a good way to describe it.

I also get the speech thing sometimes. I don't really get tonic-clonics often, but when my partials are bad and last for longer than a minute, my speech is definitely affected (my mom noticed it when I was talking to her on the phone that I sounded slower and wasn't making as much sense). I'm aware of it, but there's not much I feel that I can do about it.
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