1. J

    What should I eat before a seizure?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what I should eat after I have an aura which very often precedes a grand mal seizure. I am 25 and had my JME partially controlled (3-4 months no seizures generally) in the past. However, this last year it has gotten much worse. I have moved...
  2. rock and roll

    Should I worry about continous Auras?

    I've been having what I can only describe as an avalanche of deja vu all day long. I'm really feeling off right now, because it's rare for me to have an aura before a full on Complex Partial... At least not one that is that long lasting so it's really frightening for those few seconds of...
  3. P

    Intro post

    Hi all, I am a 50-year-old man who experienced simple partial seizures in my late teens through my mid-twenties. I've been fortunate that they stopped for good at that point (although I did miss them somewhat, in a strange way). I only learned later on by doing some internet research what I had...
  4. L


    Does anyone else experience the worst nausea after having a seizure? I cannot count the amount of times I thought I was pregnant due to the constant period of nausea. Was this medicine induced, or no? I'm trying to decide if I should find a new drug because of how awful these are.
  5. AussieChris

    Seeing auras around people while taking AED's

    Has anyone gotten all psychic or pseudo psychic and started to see auras around people from taking meds?
  6. J


    Hello, My name is Joanne and I am 46 years of age. I am in the process of having EEGS and Sleep studies, well, I've had them done just waiting. But I've had hallucinations alot, but also know that I am clairvoyant as well so it's hard to know what is maybe possible seizure or disorder and what...
  7. tk2510

    My Friend Aura

    A friend came by to call today To tell me it was near. That I would soon be in it’s grasp And it could be severe Her presence is a warning sign A moment she provides The time to sit or just hold on Before the fun arrives Her name is Aura and she comes As perfume in the air And some can sense...
  8. P

    New to epilepsy, any help needed.

    Hi guys I'm male 25 and have recently suffered from seizures, a lesion of some sorts was found on my right frontal lobe. I have underwent surgery but it has not been confirm if it was successful and my next MRI won't be for at least six months. I'm on 2000mg of keppra per day which I respond...
  9. C

    19f- I think I had my first seizure, but never lost consciousness

    For starters- I'm new to this site- I figured a forum/site, with actual people knowledgeable of most aspects, and variables amongst epilepsy. My name is Cynthia; I'm nineteen, a female, and I believe that this morning I experienced my very first seizure.. Epilepsy runs through out my mother's...
  10. A

    Can brief memory problems be a form of a seizure?

    Okay, I have a really bad short term memory but long term memory is great. For the most part, that's typical of anyone within limits of course but mine can really suck sometimes. What I'm wondering is if you have a brief memory problem like you try to tell someone something and can't think of...
  11. D

    Is this abdominal epilepsy

    I recently came across a condition called abdominal epilepsy. It seems to be a gastro-intestinal condition, one of the symptoms being abdominal pain and is described as a type of temporal lobe epilepsy (thank you Wikipedia). If anyone can shed a light as to whether what I'm about to describe is...
  12. A

    Brain Flashes?

    I don't know if any of you have had this but last night I was in bed, the room was dark and I had my eyes closed. I just started to drift off when it happened. You know how during a storm, you see flash lightening on the horizon? Kind of also like just seeing the glow of city lights on the...
  13. J

    Over Familiarity

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this site, but not new to living with Epilepsy. But a recent new Aura has me wondering if I am alone. So I am reaching out. I had a temporal lobe seizure about a month ago, it was presaged by an aura of overfamiliarty that came and went throughout the proceeding...
  14. Aaleayha

    aura's and speach

    So I noticed that when I start getting these weird feelings in my head... the world seems to slow down and time seems ot speed up, my head startes gathering pressure, it starts to hurt. I notice that my typing and writing get horrid. I don't even notice it til i read it like 3 times. Plus the...
  15. L

    psychic auras, tonic/clonics, and a feeling of renewal?

    I am a 32 yo female, I recently began experiencing seizures and auras. With an impending layoff and the interview process for new potential jobs in the works, it seemed like a real inopportune time for such a medical scare. The auras began before the seizures, and came out of nowhere...
  16. G

    Complex Partials?

    Hi all - So over the past year I have come off of Dilantin (seizure free since 2001) only to start having complex partial seizures. My family doc said they were panic attacks at first but after the third one, which my wife witnessed, I went to my neuro. He said they were definitely complex...
  17. S

    Is This Epilepsy? Something Else?

    Hey there, i've been getting this very strange feeling, its not often, but when it does occur, I really dont like it. Maybe you can help me work out what it is, or if its natural, or whatever. It started for the first time a few years ago, I got invited to my friends house, and during my visit...
  18. 9

    Question about auras

    Hi there, I'm new here and trying to learn about everything. What is the difference as far as symptoms go between a migraine aura and a seizure aura? Also, can seizure auras last for an entire day or more? Thanks so much... -90Nine
  19. L

    question about auras...i'm new so pls bear with me

    Back in my preteen years, I used to get a weird dizzy feeling that nobody could explain. It was like going from a bright room to darkness without moving. It eventually went away. About 5-6 yrs ago, I was driving with a friend and felt faint...on the freeway. I pulled over and dropped the truck...
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