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Hi there,

I'm new here and trying to learn about everything.

What is the difference as far as symptoms go between a migraine aura and a seizure aura?

Also, can seizure auras last for an entire day or more?

Thanks so much...

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Obviously something isn't right.
Welcome 90Nine to CWE

What I have learned with this disorder is that there are no hard and fast rules.
All I know is what has helped my daughter with her seizures, and myself with my migraines. I suffered from migraines for 30+ yrs. Finally a doctor reccommended that I try taking ionic magnesium. I have not had a migraine in over 4 yrs. Truly awesome!

Magnesium has also been recommended for my daughter, but making nutritional changes is what has helped her gain control and not have seizures for months. It is a known and recorded fact that nutrition will cause neurological problems. My daughter is med free. She use to have 6 tonic clonic seizures a month, and now it has been 4 months seizure free. We have also found out that blood sugar levels have played a role in her disorder, so by making nutritional changes we have corrected the imbalance.

Those are my thoughts, and for someone that has not had an accident, virus, or psychological trauma, I highly suggest taking a look at the food products that you eat.


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Migrain auras and seizure auras are different. A epilepsy seizure aura is actually a simple partial seizure that occures before a partial seizure. Sometimes a partial seizure is then followed by a generalized seizure- but no in all people. In my case, I have complex partial seizures which is preceeded by an aura or simple partial seizure where i fidgit with things, feel sick to my stomache and other things that provide a warning.

For migrains- that is a condition where the blood vessles expand- this is why caffeine is often added to migrain meds. Those auras usually are vision changes or white spots or other things that are not seizure related. Those are not caused by abnormal electrical discharge in the brain.

I hope everything goes well for you.


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Migraine - usually associates with flashing lights
followed by severe onset of extreme headache,
light sensitivity, nausea, need for heat or cold
to relieve pain (if not provided medication to
elevate the pain), sleep in darkness, sensitivity
to noise, sensitivity to touch are also common.
Some are caused by triggers or allergies, MSG
is the #1 trigger for BOTH Migraine and Epilepsy
as well as other Medical Conditions and is frequently
discouraged by Medical Doctors to patients for usage
of MSG in their Food; and many Restaurants posts
signs with NO MSG (which is good). Other factors
that can trigger migraines are alcohol, caffeine,
chocolate, to name a few.
(Not an exhaustive list, just a partial list)

Epilepsy Aura(s) - you can find and learn more
here and vote as well as learn:

Experience Aura or Auras?

Complex Partial Seizure / Epilepsy

Simple Partial Seizure / Epilepsy


My strongest recommendation is to consult with
your Doctor, it is possible to have both Epilepsy
and Migraine - and there are proof that Migraines
and Epilepsy are associated with each other and
they've found connection:

PDF File from Epilepsy Foundation

From the PDF file above:
4.6. Migraines
Complicated migraines and migraine auras can cause positive
focal symptoms in all five senses and, as such, may mimic focal
(simple partial) seizures or epileptic auras. In addition, both migraine
and seizure focal symptoms ‘‘march.” The key differentiating
factor, as usual, is the time course: migraine symptoms tend
to evolve in minutes, whereas seizure symptoms evolve in seconds.
Usually, associated symptoms (migrainous headache or more obvious
seizure symptoms) make the diagnosis easy. Basilar migraine
can also cause LOC.