19f- I think I had my first seizure, but never lost consciousness

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For starters- I'm new to this site- I figured a forum/site, with actual people knowledgeable of most aspects, and variables amongst epilepsy.

My name is Cynthia; I'm nineteen, a female, and I believe that this morning I experienced my very first seizure..
Epilepsy runs through out my mother's side, and my mother her self has had quite a history with them. What bothers me, is that her episodes began right before she hit twenty; and I don't need this on top of *Lupus, and *MCTD.

:;This morning I had gotten out of bed to pee around 7/8am.. However- I hadn't been sleeping within the few hours before my fit.
:;When I was done, as I stood up, right then, I knew I needed to take it easy. It had almost felt as if I had gotten up too quick.. I've had moments before where upon standing up, quickly- or NOT, my vision blackens and fades in and out.

This time was no different for the first three seconds, but wasn't dissipating. It lingered, and it was so indescribable. The weirdest experience, the weirdest WHOLE BODY SENSATION that I've ever endured. My body felt like it was in a haze, like a warm something surging under my skin, as it continued, the feeling of tingling everywhere AND the feeling of weakness/fainting became almost gradually consuming, almost like a wave of knowing something was about to happen, and I just tried to concentrate and pull out of it. As my whole body, toes to hair follicles- felt like a tingling/warm/dark engulfing feeling, something that made me anticipate worse.. zoning almost out, but knowing that if I did, It wasn't going to be good. (I know this sounds crazy)

I kept telling myself that I needed to calm down, and brace myself not to loose consciousness. I took about four staggering steps into the living room where my walking landed me into a wall, which I clung to before my legs were hit with a weakness. I couldn't keep straight- and my legs started to buckle almost, and the more I tried to control my trembling, the more intense the jerking got.. when I lost control of my legs wobbling, it then hit my arms and the same thing happened. At that point- I was fighting to focus on ONLY not blacking out. I suddenly fell to the ground- and can vividly recall every single second of the attack. Once I was on the floor- my eyes were open, my hearing turned into dead/muffled silence- and nothing else, dipping in and out.

My body felt lifeless, except for feeling my whole body jerking with out being able to talk, move, or do ANYTHING BUT watch and fight the overwhelming "about to black-out feeling". Finally it stopped, and I just laid there. Shortly after getting up and just zoning out, going over every detail, recalling every movement, jerking, uncontrollable, and like I said, practically *Impossible for me to Describe*.

Even though I was totally mentally and visually aware- I couldn't control my body after I fell. Not a single muscle- I don't even think I blinked. It was like I was watching everything around me, and calmly- (I don't know why, I knew I had to hold on until whatever this was ended during the dreamlike-third party- physical state.)

It still has me somewhat distant.. almost 24 hours later. I can't shake this feeling that something bad is A. about to happen, or B. something isn't right.

I have an appoint. tomorrow.

I know my thoughts are scattered- or at least feel like they are- but PLEASE*

Has any one ever experienced -ANYTHING- even slightly resembling what I tried to describe?

I wish I could find the right term for all of the overwhelming sensations- and the feeling of mentally being there, but physically gone/non-existent.
The blackening sight and the deafening-like dead silence were some of the strongest sensations.

Please- anyone- this came out of no where.
First I want to say that I hope you know you are definitely not alone. This episode that you experienced sounds like the absence seizures that I had when I was first diagnosed with epilepsy. Where you feel like you still have some control of your thoughts somewhat but the rush of body temperature differences send your thoughts to a panicked feeling of getting somewhere safe fast. With your family history it is likely to be epilepsy but could also be from medicine side effects as well. Make sure that you look into even the rare side effects of meds if the doctors come to the conclusion that it is not epilepsy. I have epilepsy but my last seizure was caused more by low sodium issues from a med I was taking for seizures. I know you don't want to have another medical issue to handle no one ever does but keep getting the necessary tests to find out for sure because their are meds that can control or lessen the seizures as I am sure your family has experienced in the past with their own seizure experiences. Keep in touch with us here as well there are many years of experience throughout the members of this site. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. :hugs:
Take what you just wrote to your appointment tomorrow, word for word. You described it well, and from your description I could almost "feel" what you were describing. Is this appointment with a neurologist? If not, ask to see one, preferably one who specializes in seizures. I hope your mom will go with you, as nothing beats a second pair of ears listening to what the doctor has to say, especially if they belong to someone with some understanding of seizures! Have you told your mom, by the way? You should if you haven't. I waited almost 2 weeks before telling anyone (even a doctor). Stupidest thing I ever did.
Hi cynthia.1693, weclome to CWE!

What you describe does sound like it may be neurological in origin, perhaps a partial seizure with myoclonis (limb jerking) or atonia ( muscle weakness). Seizures can sometimes be a symptom of lupus, so that may be what's going on. Definitely discuss it with your doc -- and keep us posted!

You may find this blog helpful:
Even though I was totally mentally and visually aware- I couldn't control my body after I fell. Not a single muscle- I don't even think I blinked. It was like I was watching everything around me, and calmly- (I don't know why, I knew I had to hold on until whatever this was ended during the dreamlike-third party- physical state.)

I usually only have seizures were I black out and just stare off into nowhere. Sometimes I'll get up and move around during them too but I still don't know what's going on around me. If I do have a tonic clonic I will also zone out and shake.

However I did have a seizure similar to this once.

I don't remember if I laid or fell down face down on the ground but I couldn't move anything. I was completely aware of everything that was going on around me. My family was asking me questions - what's my name, what's their name, where am I etc... I knew the answer to all the questions but I couldn't move my lips to say them.

Even when I finally came out of it I knew everything that happened, what the questions were and the answers. I can never do when I have a seizure, any type.

It was the weirdest thing.

How did your appointment go?
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