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Hi clutzy
no matter the ASD spectrum the enemy is anxiety.

Transition, emotional regulation, understanding the sensory processing needs and for those who are verbal understanding the expressive and receptive language is best supported with speech therapy, occupational and physio therapy. Those on the
ASD who are non verbal like my daughter require communication devices to be their voice and it certainly lessens her frustration and anxieties to get her needs and wants met. She is a non-verbal communicator.

Behaviours, whether positive or negative is communication listen and look carefully to focus on strategies in helping your child to be healthy and happy.

Reviewing stuff with the support of therapists may help.... Also reviewing his medications.
Yeah its been a while :)

Have recently changed her communication device and she seems happier with the Go Talk 9.
Emotions is a big thing for her to learn so when I think she is experiencing a particular emotion I acknowledge this and model this on the talker device. I also label the emotions of others around her eg if one twin brother is sick I will press "sick" on the talker.

Regarding seizures, not too much now once every 2 months... whoo hoo!

Still loves the cross trainer and its motion she loves its movement and uses it to calm down when the going gets tough.
Thanks for the update BA, it's great to hear that the seizures are comparatively infrequent. I hope you are doing well too. :)
Thanks for the best wishes.. its been a while we are going ok seizures about one a month. Weaning off Trileptal (do note that sodium levels can get low on this medication). Trial on Lamotrigine, low dose atm 50mg.
Make sure to not lack any magnesium and potassium in your/their diet on Lamo. Some people get low on mag/pot because of it.
Communication device now the Liberator Rugged 8 she seems more happy to use this as her "voice". Her iPad is for games and entertainment she does not want to "talk" with this so have to respect that....
Hey it has been a while since posting a hi to those who remember.

My girl is a 20 yr old young lady.
Not too many seizures these days have noticed since on Lamictal her seizures are predominantly nocturnal strange! :) Have a SAMI app to record seizures to keep her safe.
Generally, some good and bad days like anyone else.
Hey BA, I certainly remember you! Nice to get an update. Twenty years old -- wow!
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