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Has anyone done a juice cleanse or know anything about cleansing?

This is suppose to clean out your organs and "reset" your body. I can see how it would be a good thing for people without E, I just wonder if an epileptic could do this? All of the ones that I have seen are more nutrient rich than the older cleanses (master cleanse). Most have 6-8 juice drinks per day that are full of vitamins.

Thought, opinions, knowledge?

Thanks in advance!
Your body already detoxes on its own. A cleanse may help you lose weight, and even feel clearer -- most of us could use more fruits and vegetables in our diets -- but it won't detox you. If you want to try it, definitely be careful -- anything extreme should be approached with caution by someone with epilepsy. The diets that tend to help folks with epilepsy are low carb rather than high carb.
detoxing is what your kidneys and liver are for. that "master cleanse" diet just makes you defecate the mucus from your colon and that mucus isn't a toxin, it's important to be healthy.
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