Clonazepam withdrawal and seizure frequency

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I started to put down Clonazepam on 2023.10.29. and finished on 2023.11.18. The last seizure series was from 2023.11.01. to 2023.11.08. After that i had only one seizure on 2023.11.25. I also felt my usual irritatedness and libido returning after putting down Clonazepam, so testosterone seems to be affected by Clonazepam.

I was so happy, that finally the reason is clear and eliminated...

However, yesterday and today i already had 4 seizures (1 yesterday and 3 today) and at early morning i had 2 auras (?) yesterday and 4 tomorrow. (They seemed to be deja vu, but only slight nausea and very short, also abruptly stopped. Maybe they weren't epileptic at all; we have a rough weather now.)

What do you think? Merely an accidence? Caused by the weather? Or maybe my testosterone levels dropped again?
Hi a820e13f,

Sometimes a low pressure in the weather can affect some people with epilepsy and that's because the air gets heavy during
a low pressure and in turn that messes with the hormones. I have also found that I have more seizures in the fall and winter
compared to the spring and summer and that's do to the lack of serotonin this time of yr. Try sitting around bright light and see
if that will help. I know I've always had seizures when going off or changing seizure meds also. I wish you the best of luck
and May God Bless You!

Hello Sue,

Thanks for the answer. I hope you are right about a hormonal mess, although until now, i experienced the opposite: i had more seizures on summers and much less in fall, winter and spring.
Perhaps Clonazepam withdrawal is still in effect and Clonazepam still occasionally drops testosterone? I stopped it two weeks ago and the internet says, it can last up to three months. But i only took 0.5 mg/d. So, i don't know. But in the last few days i again felt my libido decreasing, while it significantly increased during tapering off. Weather did not affect it like this before.
This was my experience with tapering clonezepam. I took it before I had my craniotomy and had no seizures. My AED at the time - topiramate- plus the clonezapam was affecting my cognition. Slower thinking etc my neurologist at the time green lighted tapering under medical supervision. Was one of the scariest times in my life. It took 6 months to complete the withdrawal. I was single at the time living independently in my own apt. I had gotten my first dog and she was my documented ESA. No seizures during withdrawal. Through out my cognition and executive functioning critical thinking improved. I have never resumed any type of benzodiazepines since.
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