Deja vu - how serious?

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Mine are normal but sometimes scare the daylights out of me.

My best example was a few years ago where I was deployed to an area that I had never been to in my life but somehow knew exactly where everything was and where I was going making me able to lead my fire crew around the bush trails. I somehow knew buildings in the main town too. I have had a few occasions where this has occurred but never to that extent.
I usually get deja vu before having seizures. It can happen to me as much as 0 times a day to like 15 times a day. The doctor called the seizure clusters. He prescribed me Valium which really helps the auras go away but Valium can also have side effects too though. I've tried so many medications that i'm not sure what's worse the side effects of the medications or having the seizures. Every day I have to pick up my cross and walk and remind myself of how much I love my family, friends, and God. I hope things get better for you.
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