Déjà vu pre-ictal phase

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Lately I have experienced a lot of déjà vu, followed by petit mal or myclonic seizures. I know that jamais vu is pretty much common place for epilepsy, but I really don't experience this quite as often.

I'm wondering if this happens with anyone else?
Hi Skyfire322,

My complex partials were also deja vu; with occasional dissociation (out-of-body experience). (the reason I say "were" is because I had resection surgery in August and so far so good) Not sure if you've ever seen an epileptologist regarding your auras/partials, but it is definitely worth it.

Best of luck to you!
Thank you for the responses!

Not sure if you've ever seen an epileptologist regarding your auras/partials, but it is definitely worth it.

My current one is telling me that what I'm experiencing is just non-epileptic, stress related, and to go see a psychiatrist. *facepalm* I'm going to be getting a second opinion in a few weeks, so I will definitely bring this up.
Deja vu for me is the first type I have and is my warning to slow down and rest before I go to far.
For myself after a tonic clonic seizure it will take up to a week to be able to function somewhat normally then for the next 6-10 weeks I will recognize virtually everyone I see. People at the corner store, lineups driving almost every person I look at. Although If I ran into someone I knew or have just met in the last 10 years I will have no idea who they are and I swear I have never seen them, although I recognize everyone else.
Deja vus were my main seizure type for over 30 years and are very common. Both my simple partials and complex partials are deja vus--but very very different in intensity level. I also have myoclonics but have never had those two combine--Maybe you are having partial seizures with motor features and not myoclonics? Since partials and myoclonics aren't a part of the same epilepsy syndrome (I have both focal epilepsy and idiopathic generalized epilepsy so I have both types but not part of the same seizure). Anyway, I'm glad you are getting a second opinion!!
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