[MAD] diet does it work?

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Has anyone had any luck with this diet controlling there seizures?
I talked with my neuro about going on it for my sz's because nothing basically works for me.
Hi Belinda,

I am on the Glycemic Index Diet. It works for me. I have never tried the MAD diet.
I looked up one of epileric's links. MAD is a high fat low carbohydrate diet. Any diet that is high in fat will increase your triglycerides, bad cholesterol and is bad for the heart.

I must have said that I did try it but I do not remember saying it. I know that I tried the diet that has no milk in it, what is the name of that diet? It did not work for me.

Moderation in all things. I have only 3 ounces of meat at night.

I hope I have clarified it.
Recently we are strictly controlling my wife's diet and in ketosis. 5 meals per day same thing every meal. And what a surprise as we got settled in to the diet we had three seizures about a week apart which is about a normal rate. The interesting thing was each was associated with a vigorous 2.5 mi walk. One near the start, one in the middle one near the end. Then three consecutive seizures each 1/2 way through the walk. Never have we had anything so repetitive in decades

Today she walked a cooler, less strenuous, 2.5 mi. No seizure. We suspect acidosis. Will start ph strips. Take zonigran down a notch. Take Keto diet down a notch and take the lime lemon baking soda tonic described in another thread until we know acidosis is not at a crucial level
It's getting very interesting. We put in everything as much the same as we can and get somewhat alarming and repeatable results.

Tentative conclusion same inputs = same outputs. And yes diet holds part of the key.

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I've recently found out that I can't do the MAD diet because of my afib.
I had a minor stroke a tia when I changed my diet.
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