Do you smoke

Do you smoke

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I quit..............every time I put one out!!
I have noticed since I started on the CBD oil cigs are starting to taste like crap.
I have realized I am smoking less. My anxiety level is down and I'm not so tense all the time anymore and now they taste like crap, getting closer to quitting, not just yet though.

They do go good with that ice cold beer in the evening.
Ahhh the luxury of bad habits lol...but I will say this...the only time I will actually "smoke" will be when I spontaneously combust!!!

Or this:


anyway let's hope that doesn't happen anytime soon...for any of us :)
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MrE, Most people call them bad habits, I like to think of them as.......guilty pleasures!! lol
doesn't matter how you slice is still a slice (and definitely not a good one :D)
Smoking is a very bad slice, a drink every now and then is a good long as it's in moderation!
Unless you're allergic to it...then it's "off with your head" lol
Don't give in!! I saw a program the other day on different things that may help people quit. One I thought was interesting so I tied it. Black pepper oil, smelling the scent takes the cravings away and it has a calming effect. I haven't completely quit YET but it does work.
After 10 years of tobacco free, I just broke down at a friend's house and took one and then bought a pack. I buy some loose tobacco and roll, not too expensive.
Well, l know that is a moot point considering how extremely poor I really am. My live -in care giver( girlfriend) can not stand it at all. I have so much going on in life and I'm quite depressed always, I wonder if epilepsy would kill before cancer ( none in my family). Sometimes I think ( stop preaching to me, family, this is my only satisfaction in life now. ) I don't drink/drug/adulterate /gamble/ let my art go too far out of propriety. / Listen to loud rock, that I wish to dance to/ chaste life/ dirt poor/ ECT. Need I go on? I once said, (hey, it's better than I gun in my mouth isn't it? .
Not to bring anybody down, just to share my plight. Any related?
Hi Janus,
My husband smoked for over 30 yrs. and it got so expensive he decided to quit and he is amazed at all the money
he saves plus he doesn't cough like he used to when he wakes up in the morning. It was hard but he took the med
that helped him I can't thing of the name of the drug but he didn't have any side effects and he was done within 2 wks.
Now he's taken that extra money he blew on cigarettes and opened up a Roth IRA where's he's made a lot of money.
Here's wishing you well and May God Bless You,
“Skoal, brother.”
I could write a book about my closet nicotine enjoyment. I only survived everyone being home because I found ZYN nicotine pouches. 6 mg per pouch no spit. Basically same idea as the gum. It does the trick for me. I still love a Tobacco chew when I’m fishing and basically any other chance I get. I like to see the no tobacco pouch as a small positive step. Even though it’s just more discreet and cheaper.
I’m more bothered that I should probably be wearing a life jacket fishing from the shore. 🎣
Do you smoke tobacco

Please don't preach about smoking because this isn't what I'm asking. Don't talk about all of the bad things that smoking causes or does, unless it deals with epilepsy.

If you would like you can say if started or stopping smoking had any effect on your seizures.
I actually was asking about this I have a vape and I’m not diagnosed yet but the ONLY things that stop these episodes are a 15 minute break with my vape (only has 4 ingredients) and a hot shower I’ve been asking people if I’m crazy and having withdrawals or if they’re actual seizures being maintained with nicotine. Turns out tobacco is NOT good for seizures but nicotine derived from tobacco and nicotine patches have improved seizures in some people with epilepsy
The girl averages 600 a month in smoking cost. That is reason enough not to
The girl averages 600 a month in smoking cost. That is reason enough not to
Was just about to post on this. Beat myself to it, basically in what she some a week plus paraphernalia. In the time she have been together it would have been a BMW and a house. She would rather be poor than go without. But the choices we make. I do admit a stock account is a good idea though
I smoke a pipe, so I inhale very little compared to cigs, but it counts as being a smoker.... so, yes.
lately the shock I get from people even cops and ship when they find out I never drank, did a drug, or smoked. is getting aggravating. I performed a social experiment. Normally I keep my hair cut short and the getting consensus to people who dont me I come across and scary., it gets old after awhile to see women hide their purses and children after while. no that is past and inch, I come across as poor, or stupid. they still hide purses but no one scares about kids.
As of late I smoke cannabis. I also research out as much as I can. I'm a health nut. But only smoke rather than eat or vape etc. I had a bad time when I did not know how it was going to effect me and for how long. Edibles all take different amounts of time to be metabolized. So how I'm gonna feel may be a ways away. Smoking I know within seconds how high I get and can stop when done. After eating I can't know if I will get more effective
between cycling and swimming my lungs paid bills, so for the longest time i would just go outside when people smoked, but i have met so many cops who smoke pot in dry states
I smoke weed a few times a year. No tobacco for 25 yrs. Was a 2 pack a day back then. Y'all should have seen my walls when we removed our pictures before we moved. :ROFLMAO:

You know I used to until the doctors asked me not too, not alone do I think it helped with my seizures but also the nerves in my hands and face and if I am honest I am sorry I stopped. I have lost count of the amount of seizures I am getting and I am fed up going to hospital.
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