Dr's secretary who wont give messages

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I have the worst problem my neuros secretary doesn't listen to her voice mail and doesn't give my messages. My seizures have increased and I'm still recovering from one I had Sunday evening.I know it was a C P seizure.:e:
:agree: I left her a message on her voice mail to return my call and that my sz had increased.
Could anyone give me advice on what they'd do?
I talked to the office manager once and I've known her through a previous doctor since I was a teen.


Is there a direct number that you can use to talk to the office manager with? If not, I'd be bringing it up to the doctor the next time you go in, and be very insistent about the problem.........
There's not a direct number but oh yes she has her own extension.
And she use be neuro of doc before I came here alsmost 18
years ago.

I just know there's know hope for me after 44 yrs of sz's.

If you can, try showing up at the office in person to resolve the issue. You might also try sending a fax or email if possible.
I would ask to speak to the neuro directly of have him call you back.
2 Options that may work ...

Can the Extension Number, when you call the Office,
get the Receptionist and ask for the Nurse On-Call
instead of His Secretary, once you get the Nurse,
explain to her you've left messages with the Sec,
and you're not getting any responses.

If you can't get through that option, there is another
way around it, is calling the Hospital your Doctor is
affiliated with and ask for the Business Office Phone
number and say you lost it, and they'll give you the
number. I actually did loose my Epileptologist's Office
number somehow, and that's how I got his office
number since it's not in the Phone Book.

Hope these 2 options works.
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