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My son, 17, was diagnosed two and half years ago with epilepsy. We have been to two neurologist and one epileptologist. The epileptologist is in Jacksonville Mayo, which I thought would be best. My son has only had six seizures in his span of diagnosis. The Mayo doctor wants to refer him to a local neurologist, but if there were one I felt comfortable with, I would be there. Since I am feeling dismissed, the hunt for a new doctor is on. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good on in Georgia? I would appreciate it greatly. I am feeling very frustrated right now.
were in Georgia are you?

I know of quite a few epileptologist I've been to in Georgia .
It would be in the Atlanta area or the decatur area were they are. Emory/university hospital but I'm not sure what age they start taking them.
Emory/midtown were I have my neuro but he isn't an epileptologist but I've been seen him going on 24 years. pm me and I'll give you more info if you like it?
Belinda, I tried to send you a private message but could not. Yes, I would like to hear about your experiences with different doctors in the Atlanta area. I will look forward to a message from you. Thank you.
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