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Hello, someone recently put up a post about their son and school and its made me think....

I am taking my GCSE's (Sort of like Finals for the folk over the pond :) ) and my doctor has advised me to contact the exam board and explain about me being diagnosed and put on medication right in the middle of my exams however I am just curious about how they will approach the situation? I know in some cases they take a national average if you fail your exam and give you that... so you cannot fail your GCSE's whereas other times they allow you extra time, give you a helper etc...

Does anyone have any idea? xxxx

Thank you!!
Stephh xxx
any professional or governmental facility with any competence or credence whatsoever should take into account allowances required with medical or physical issues

don't worry about it

if anyone messes with you, let me know and I'll take the first plane from Texas
They should allow you extra time with your exams in case you need it. It would depend on various things such as how medications affect your thinking, how frequent your seizures are etc. Best thing to do is just give the exam board a call and see what they say
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