1. Bernard

    DC Public Schools (DCPS) to train faculties on seizure recognition and response (proposed bill) Maybe it will catch on with more school districts across the country.
  2. Eggbertx

    Improve memory hampered by tonic clonic seizures

    I've kind of lost count of the number of seizures I've had. Granted, I haven't had as many as some, but the effects are definitely noticeable, at least personally. The two main ones are depression and memory, but my main concern for now at least is my memory. I'm currently in college, and I've...
  3. Matthew74

    Dealing with School

    I haven't been here for a long time, but as some of you know I'm going to school to learn band instrument repair. Overall it has gone well. It's a one year course divided into quarters: Brass I, Woodwinds I, Brass II, and Woodwinds II. Brass I went great and I loved it, the instructor...
  4. edepew151

    Job ideas?!

    Hey everyone. I'm in college, and I have to declare a major soon. The problem is that I can't think of any profession that will work with my epilepsy! I'm on the waiting list for a seizure response dog and will have one by the time I graduate, so that narrows my options severely. I have seizures...
  5. stephanieholly

    Exams and Epilepsy.

    Hello, someone recently put up a post about their son and school and its made me think.... I am taking my GCSE's (Sort of like Finals for the folk over the pond :) ) and my doctor has advised me to contact the exam board and explain about me being diagnosed and put on medication right in the...
  6. P

    Preschool not wanting to administer Diastat

    Hello all, I just joined (see my newby note over in the Foyer). So we're back in the US and I just found a great little Montessori with a half day program a few mornings per week. Perfect. Except they refuse to administer Diastat if my daughter has a tonic clonic longer than 5 minutes. They said...
  7. Endless

    Great resource for Parents - including sample 504 plan

    Came across this while doing research on something else. It looks like a GREAT resource for parents of children with epilepsy. Thought I'd pass it along.
  8. K

    New--scared/lost helping my daughter

    Hello all. My daughter had her first seizure about 8 weeks ago and nearly drowned in the process. With no apparent family hx and clear eeg, two neurologists both thought it would be an isolated incedent. About the time I let my guard down, she had another one two weeks ago. Looking back now...
  9. A

    Can public schools refuse to transport a child with E?

    Hi all! We finally got our son into preschool, and he is set to start Friday, and I just got a call from the school saying the bus driver isn't comfortable transporting my son because he might have a seizure. This isn't the regular school bus, this is the special needs bus. The school then...
  10. L

    epilepsy in college

    Hey all, I just wanted to tell any of you that if you need advice about dealing with epilepsy in school-especially in college, I will help you out the best that I could-even if it's questions about your children. I'm a senior at East Stroudsburg University so I've seen it all and been through...
  11. A

    Public School asking for access to medical records

    Good afternoon! While I am new to this site, I am not new to epilepsy. My 12 yr old daughter was diagnosed with a seizure disorder 4 years ago. As it was simple/partial and extremely infrequent (at nights - 4 mos apart) we were able to go a number of years just treating after the fact. A...
  12. anddarling09

    Your worst subject in school

    What was your worst subject in school? Mine has always been math because my seizures erase what I have learned. So I was wondering if that was the most common subject.
  13. P

    Cognitive Dysfunction ??

    Over the past year my daughter has begun struggling more and more with school. She doesn't understand the 3rd grade math to save her life. She can read at her grade level, but she can't write very well. I have been telling the teacher that the few math problems that she is supposed to do at...
  14. N

    Hi There to all...

    Greeting to everyone in this site. This is my first time to post. My wife and I just found out today that my kid has epilepsy. He's turning seven this year and all along we thought that his seizures were nothing serious. Until his school teacher suddenly woke us up and told us that she also...
  15. tinasmom

    Bullying at school

    I am so angry at the H.S. my step-daughter attends. She is being bullied by another girl. Every time my step-daughter does the right thing and reports her, she retaliates worse. We talked with the school last night hoping to resolve this but we were told there needs to be a pattern before...
  16. T


    Well in desperation i've sent an email to the regional director about my situation. I was very clear about letting her know of my passion for special education and teaching in general. I also explained that I was clearly aware that stepping back to mainstream education was something that I was...
  17. S

    Questions about ADHD and Epilepsy

    I again am already having problems with my youngest daughter, Charlisa's teacher. It has been a routine since kindergarden, in k she had a wonderful, caring teacher who did all she could to help Charlisa make it to 1st grade without having to be held back. Now it goes like this every other year...
  18. tinasmom

    Standing ground with school has paid off

    Being the parents from H**L has paid off. After going through everything earlier this summer getting Nicole's IEP written, the LD teacher is asking my opinon on everything so far before just making decisions. We had discussed Nicole's behavior goals during the IEP meeting and it was stated...
  19. Bernard

    Teacher blacklisted for seizures suing NYC DOE

  20. RobinN

    Teen Screen Lawsuit
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