Standing ground with school has paid off

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Being the parents from H**L has paid off. After going through everything earlier this summer getting Nicole's IEP written, the LD teacher is asking my opinon on everything so far before just making decisions. We had discussed Nicole's behavior goals during the IEP meeting and it was stated that if her goals need to be changed, we would get together to discuss new goals. Well, Nicole has been meeting the goals from last year and now there are some other issues that we can work on. The LD teacher sent a note on Nicole's goal sheet to see if we thought we should change her goals. I emailed her and said that I was thinking the same thing. I told her that we want goals that will make Nicole successful in school. I told her that we would want to involve the school counselor so we can do some baselines on her behaviors. I was totally surprised that she has already emailed me and this is her response:

You don't have to call me Mrs. P*, you can just call me K*. I
don't mind. You have expressed what I was thinking! I have contacted
Mrs. B*, Ms. H*, Mrs. Kl*, and Mrs. Kr* and asked them to
forward me some dates and times. I will then contact you and we will go
from there. I am also sending home a weekly progress sheet with Nicole
tomorrow. I just did some baselines on her math goals for this week. Let
me know if you have any questions or concerns about the progress report.
I didn't make copies of the answer sheets for you, but I can if you would

Talk to you later and have a great weekend.


It's amazing how being assertive and knowing the law pays off. I think this will be a good school year.
There you go!

That's telling them you have become a very good advocate for the cause of "Inclusion" and epilepsy!:clap::banana:
Really pleased for you Laura.
All the best for Nicole and her schooling now you have them understanding.
Atta Girl!




(If I put any more Icons in here, I'd have to
"Report myself")


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