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Well in desperation i've sent an email to the regional director about my situation. I was very clear about letting her know of my passion for special education and teaching in general. I also explained that I was clearly aware that stepping back to mainstream education was something that I was aware would be necessary - not because of any loss of interest or passion for my job but because I saw the need to develop my teaching ability with experience in mainstream first (I didn't use those exact words but that's the gist). I figured I need them to know that I am fighting for this because it matters - I don't want to just sit back and wait for the bad news.

I too am a teacher and new to the forums so had to go back and read a previous post to understand your situation better. Is it possible that you could work in a job-sharing situation (maybe 1/2 time) for awhile until you feel more comfortable in your position? I know that sped can be overwhelming for anyone which is why I never went into it! But it really sounds like you have a passion for it and sped kids need teachers with passion. I'm glad that you are fighting for your job and wish you the best of luck.
Good luck trinity! :) As a sped teacher, I'll be the first to tell you that half of it is politics. So make sure that you make use of any union support that you can get. Sped can be tiring....that's why over 50% burn out after 9 years.....but I'm sure you'll do fine. Best of luck. :)
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