Experience with Vimpat (Lacosamide)?

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Hi everyone,

I just returned from a visit with my neurologist, who is starting me on Vimpat. I have been on 2000mg of Keppra daily, and have been so sick it has been difficult to function.

I did a lot of research on different meds before this visit, and naturally he puts me on a drug I have never heard of. He said it's relatively new, and I can't find much information online.

I would be interested in hearing your personal stories about this drug. Did you experience weight gain? The doctor said it is weight neutral, but online one of the side effects mentioned is "rapid weight gain". There are also a whole host of other unpleasant side effects listed.

I'm also confused about why he wants me to take this drug on its own, since it says it's supposed to be a companion drug. I have simple partial and myoclonic seizures (forgive me if my terminology is off, I'm new to this diagnosis).

Welcome I just started taking today and I comptemplated taking it or not but i have been on Dilantin most of my life. so it's time to make a change. be positive about it I have found over the years of taking meds thart they tend to tell you about all the bad. For most people symtoms are often rare, so lets hope that for our sake we get by without any of the symtoms that they list on the bottle.
Best of luck with it keep us informed.

A doc is unlikely to take you off one drug then start you on two simultaneously. A companion drug is just that - a companion to one you're already one. He'll want to see how the vimpat goes and hope that it turns out to be all you need.
My only experience with vimpat was a few weeks back after I came out of the seizure unit. I was on carbamazepine and lamotrigine before going in but wanted off the lamot. so they added vimpat when I left. I went off it after a week, very small dose but I felt like I was going mad. Tbh I'm sure my emotions had something to do with all the grand mals I had in the unit but still, I knew this wasn't a drug I wanted in my system if it could have that strong of an effect so quickly (was only on 50mg. once a day).
Best of luck to you... the drug game is no fun... we all know how you feel.
Hi sarahkay...
I take vimpat on it's own with only ativan on standby as needed to help me through rough patches.
It took a while for it to kick in, 3-4 weeks but it has reduced the number of my simple partial seizures.
I didn't have any weight gain, rapid or otherwise which is a good thing. I hate shopping and I'd hate having to get new clothes!
I do have some dizzy patches now and then. There was a concern if it was causing me to self harm (scratching, punching) but I'm not sure if that was totally connected with vimpat or if it was just post-ictal weirdness.
I sure do like it better than the experience I had with Keppra.
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