1. rock and roll

    Extreme dizziness. Maybe medication??

    I have been feeling extremely dizzy ever lately, and I'm sure it was either the recent addition of Vimpat or the incompatibly of it with the other drugs I'm taking. I want to stop the Vimpat and I'm currently being evaluated for another surgery. Anyone have any experience coming off this drug...
  2. rock and roll

    Increased Seizures.

    Has anyone noticed an increase in their seizures after starting Vimpat? I'm being assessed for a second surgery right now, and for some reason my Neurologist thought it might be a good idea to add Vimpat in the meantime. I was having 3 to 4 seizures a month, that has recently increased to 5 or 6...
  3. V

    Newbie alert! Who here is given grief about veganism/vegetarianism?

    Hi guys! I'm new here 🙂 This is a bit of a long one but I feel very strongly about this topic. I was hoping to talk to anyone who can share anecdotes about a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle with epilepsy? I know it's not exactly a scientific case study but an anecdotal one at least. I've put meds...
  4. Matthew74

    Vimpat anyone?

    I'm going to see my doctor here in a week or so. I'm on Tegretol and Felbatol. Overall I'm still doing better, but he mentioned trying Vimpat. Anyone taking it? What's it like?
  5. W

    Medication withdrawal

    new here and looking for answers about medication withdrawl. I was placed on Vimpat after a few seizures over a weeks time and my pharmacy has run out of the medication so I will be off of it for two days with no "tapering off" I'm on 200 mg every day and take 100mg in the morning and 100mg at...
  6. runsincircles

    vimpat and rapid weight gain

    I've been on vimpat for about 6 months and have gained 60 pounds and am still gaining. It's getting to the point that I can't keep up with daily chores due to the extra weight and worsening fatigue. Fatigue was an issue before the med but it's getting worse. Has anybody else had issues with...
  7. J

    Good news!

    Just wanted to share some good news. I've been on Vimpat for 5 months, had an EEG and it was completely normal for the first time!! I am allowed to drive again. Woohoo
  8. J

    Had 2nd seizure after 16 years

    Hi, I had my second seizure, 16 years after my first one. Both seizures were while on vacation. First one in Las Vegas, poolside... this one in Mexico, again poolside. Oh, I should mention that it was a tonic clonic seizure that lasted about 5 minutes. I was very combative afterwards, trying to...
  9. CBernieBlack

    Vimpat Tips and Tricks

    Hey wonderful people. I thought I could help anyone who is considering Vimpat or is on Vimpat, but having a difficult time. Below are some tips and tricks I've learned on how to manage side effects from this drug. These may not work for everyone, but I did notice a change when I implemented...
  10. L

    Is anyone else taking Vimpat as an add on aed?

    Hi :) I am currently taking the maximum dose of Keppra and at my neurology appointment last week I was prescribed Vimpat as an add on. I'm always sceptical about new medications as to know that they can sometimes do more harm than good. My seizures are currently happening three or four times a...
  11. Hand of Blood

    Coming off tablet myself???

    So I been at neurologist he wants me to change from keppra to vimpat, I heard what a nightmare vimpat is with the dizzy ness and I already have vertigo and dizzy on tegretol which I hate the meds but for some reason I can't get off tegretol Anyway I don't want to go on vimpat I'm seeing my...
  12. CBernieBlack

    Meds and rocking

    Has anyone found themselves rocking a little bit while on medication? I'm not talking about air guitar in your underwear...although that is awesome...and I'm guilty of that as well. =) :rock: Third week on Vimpat and boosted up to 100mg and I'm noticing a bit more space out and a little...
  13. CBernieBlack

    First two weeks with Vimpat

    So I thought I would post here in case others were looking to start Vimpat and wonder what they were getting themselves into. =) Well I gotta say it's working out pretty well. A little cloudy headed. Still feel a bit on the edge of having a seizure. Kind of like, "I feel like I'm going to have...
  14. CBernieBlack

    Starting Medication

    Well, after a 3 hour meeting with my new neuro on Friday, it became crystal clear that I need to start a medication schedule. So tomorrow, I'm starting at 100mg Vimpat for two weeks, then ramping up to 200mg by the end of the moth. Kinda of nervous about it since I had such a bad reaction to the...
  15. G

    Yet Another Newbie!- Vimpat and Low Blood Sugar

    Hi my name is Katy, I have had JME (Juvenile Myolconic Epilepsy) for the past 6 years, if you aren't familiar with it basically it means I have 3 types of seizures- grand mal, absence, and myoclonic jerks. The first medication that they put me on was Keppra which caused be to go crazy so I am...
  16. S

    Experience with Vimpat (Lacosamide)?

    Hi everyone, I just returned from a visit with my neurologist, who is starting me on Vimpat. I have been on 2000mg of Keppra daily, and have been so sick it has been difficult to function. I did a lot of research on different meds before this visit, and naturally he puts me on a drug I have...
  17. A

    Talking yourself out of a seizure?

    Hi. Has anybody out there managed to 'talk themself out' of a seizure i.e. really concentrated and stopped it happening? I think I did that last night. I have simple and complex partials. I'm on Keppra and Epilim, but weaning off the Epilim and onto Vimpat. I started the Vimpat (50 am and pm)...
  18. A

    Time for Vimpat ... any advice?

    Hi all, I saw a new neurologist for a second opinion today. He was very clinical and I was upset by his manner (thought my husband thinks I'm oversensitive and he was just being factual). He had my history, including PET and MRI scans. He agreed that it was worth trying another med instead of...
  19. C

    New to this site (and to epilepsy)

    Hi, my name is Mary. My son has been diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy one year ago. So far we have tried Trileptal (severe allergic reaction), Depakode and Keppra. We had to stop Keppra due to side effects and he is stil on Depakode but it is not working anymore. In the mean time his...
  20. S

    Is anyone taking Vimpat by itself?

    I've been seizure free for over a month now with Vimpat alone, THANK GOD! Since this is untested, I wonder if anyone else can relate.
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