Vimpat anyone?

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I'm going to see my doctor here in a week or so. I'm on Tegretol and Felbatol. Overall I'm still doing better, but he mentioned trying Vimpat. Anyone taking it? What's it like?
My neuro put me on Vimpat in February this year which was added to Keppra & Tegretol.
The vimpat didn't work for me as it messed with my moods, at 1st I would get low then feel OK but eventually got to the stage where I was getting upset over small things or nothing. I ended up being taken of the Vimpat in April.

Good luck with your appt.
I was on vimpat and think its good, its the small side effects I could not deal with.
I'm allergic to vimpat and I tried it when it first came out.It didn't work anyway.
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