Is anyone else taking Vimpat as an add on aed?

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Hi :) I am currently taking the maximum dose of Keppra and at my neurology appointment last week I was prescribed Vimpat as an add on. I'm always sceptical about new medications as to know that they can sometimes do more harm than good.

My seizures are currently happening three or four times a month, it is the most controlled it has ever been but I'd still like to try and improve It a bit more.

Anyone else had this aed? I know it is relatively new and can't seem to find much about it on the web.

Here's a hug for anyone who might need it :hugs:
hey laura,
added vimpat to my lamotrigine carbamazepine cocktail back in november. i tried it a few months earlier and stopped after 10 days, it was just too heavy for me. but after a long stay in the SIU (wow, seizure central) my epi. asked again to give it a try.
i said 'ok once more but no promises.' still on it, but only 1/3 of the dose prescribed. i take 50mg am and 100 pm. tried 100 in the morn but no way, woozy, glassy eyes, couldn't focus, very out of it. this seems to be working now, cuts down the partials a bit.
if she hadn't asked for it to be 'just a temporary add-on until surgery' i don't think i would have agreed. and of the three it will be the first i drop after.
all i can really say is i hope it works for your szs but be careful, esp. if you're prescribed a high dose (they tried me at 400mg/day - give your head a shake!!)
I always preach that it is important to remember that everyone's reaction to medication is very individual, and influenced by what other medications one is taking. I was on 1500 Keppra and 1200 Tegretol with no side effects and then Vimpat was slowly added for improved control. It was showing signs of improvement at 100mg, but I was having trouble with side affects and couldn't go any higher because of that. Apparently Vimpat can interact with Tegretol because they both operate on the sodium channels. Tegretol was cut back to 800 mg, and this allowed Vimpat to be increased to 200 mg. And no side effects now but continued signs of improved seizure control. The goal is to get to 300 - 400 mg of Vimpat. I was getting severe seizures 3 times per week before and now 1 severe one per week and 2 minor ones per week. For me this is huge improvement :)
Thank you for the replies and insights. I'll check the web pages you have shared when I wake up as it is nearly 1 AM here in England, I need sleep and Family Guy is on lol. Much appreciated. Glad it has worked for a few of you. Sweet dreams xxx
::raises hand:: Yeah I'm on Vimpat. The first two weeks were interesting.
My posts on my first two weeks.

I did find that taking Fish Oils with Vimpat was causing more frequent nightmares. When I backed off the fish oils I noticed a huge reduction in nightmares.
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