Talking yourself out of a seizure?

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Hi. Has anybody out there managed to 'talk themself out' of a seizure i.e. really concentrated and stopped it happening? I think I did that last night. I have simple and complex partials. I'm on Keppra and Epilim, but weaning off the Epilim and onto Vimpat. I started the Vimpat (50 am and pm) 10 days ago and haven't had a seizure since. I've been though periods of not having them for weeks, even months, so I'm not celebrating yet, but I am feeling a bit more confident as days pass.
But last night I was making a cup of tea and felt a bit out of it and thought bummer, it's happening, and then thought no, I'm fine, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing ... and it passed. Would love to know if others have experienced this.:ponder:
Hi yes I experience the same thing, start to feel like 'eh up here we go' then get the shivvers in my head, the excessive salivation and then an awful nausia feeling although nothing actually happens. As a healthcare worker, I just plough on doing whatever it is I'm doing but with patient safety in mind! It just reminds me to get on with it and before I know it, it's passed usually though these episodes are followed by man flu or some other cold like symptoms so if I have more it's usually a sign to get the tissues out. hope this reassures you :)
Hi Ally,
Yep sure have. It doesn't happen often, and takes insane concentration, but I have done it. I keep track of when, where, etc. all my seizures happen and whether they were severe or mild, or if I was able to stop them. I'd say roughly about 10% of the time I've done it, a bit more or less depending on my surroundings.
It's nice when you can, it's like saying, 'no you can go back where you came from and leave my day the hell alone!!', however, experience has shown me that more than half the time I stop them, the next one, or a cluster of them, comes back in spades. Have wondered if I'd maybe be better off just letting them do their thing rather than causing interruption. Though I'm not usually reasoning with myself like that at the time.
I have been able to stop a simple partial from generalizing a handful of times. While I'm in the middle of my SP, I will start to feel this darkness creeping over me and pulling me down. It literally feel like I’m being sucked into a dark hole. I have to concentrate really hard on not succumbing to the darkness. I have been able to fight it, but it is not easy. It’s like treading water when you are exhausted... you're just gasping for air.
Unfortunately no because I never know when my seizures are coming :( It's good that some of you can do that :)
I can not so much talk myself out off an iminent seizure,but if im lucky and im at home and can feel a seizure starting.I find i go to my bed,i can sleep it off.I personaly think it helps the brain calm down,whereas if i stayed up and people are talking,tv going it kind of overloads my brain resulting in a seizure.

At the end of the day,you know your epilepsy better than anyone else.You are living it so if you find things that works for you then great,go for it.
At the end of the day,you know your epilepsy better than anyone else.You are living it so if you find things that works for you then great,go for it.

Well put Neil.
I have tried over and over again to talk myself out of it wen I use to get warnings never worked for me glad it can others.i just wake up after not knowing wat happen if alone
I haven't been able to as well as I used to, but there were a few years where I was able to concentrate hard enough to stop a simple partial from becoming a complex partial. I would focus really hard on on object, or recite the alphabet to myself and concentrate on the sound of my voice. I'm still able to do this occasionally, but it doesn't work as consistently as it used to.
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