Medication withdrawal

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new here and looking for answers about medication withdrawl. I was placed on Vimpat after a few seizures over a weeks time and my pharmacy has run out of the medication so I will be off of it for two days with no "tapering off" I'm on 200 mg every day and take 100mg in the morning and 100mg at night. I'm wondering how bad this is and if there are any withdrawl symptoms I may experience. Thank you so much for any advice!
Wait--the pharmacy just ran out? This is not an ideal situation--can't your pharmacy call around to other pharmacies and find you this medication? If they cannot, then can you call your doctor and ask them for enough free samples to bridge you until your med is filled? They will usually have some. An ER might have some as well--you should find a way to get your pharmacy or doctor to help you get the medication rather than going without. Withdrawal effects are generally not fun, but you can also experience withdrawal seizures. I would find a solution to getting you the meds you need.
I did try asking my pharmacy to call around and they said they would but no one has gotten back to me. I also tried calling my neurologist and left a message with the lady at the front desk but they also haven't called back. I was told the prescription was already filled and waiting for me by my neurologist but then it wasn't when I talked to the pharmacy they said they never got the prescription. Just a lot of miscommunication and people being lazy. I'm waiting for a call back and I do keep calling I just wanted to know of any symptoms I should look out for. Thanks for replying! I really appreciate it
I would stay aggressive in getting the miscommunication figured out until you get some meds in hand. Withdrawal symptoms I have had have varied by whatever med I've been on--for some, I've had tingling face and lips, insomnia, simple partials and felt jittery and just very 'off' (that was tegretol)--others have given me irritability, myoclonic seizures, complex partials, and muscle spasms (Topamax). Since I have had difficulties controlling my seizures I've never gone cold turkey for any length of time--these are the withdrawals I've had from reducing meds too aggressively or missing one med dose. I've never been on Vimpat--maybe another member can tell you what withdrawal on that one is like.
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate everything you've said. I'm new to the seizure world and don't know too much about it yet.
I agree with lindsay to STAY AGGRESSIVE and stay on it with the pharmacists, the hospital and the office personnel at the doctor's.
If I'm having a question or problem with something that needs to be taken care of by the neuro's office and don't get a reply from them I will call back just about every hour.

I have numbers for the office and my neuro's secretary and I'll call them both. My neuro's office is in a hospital and I've even called the general hospitals number and have them transfer me because I think I talk to a different person when I do that. They finally get so sick of hearing from me that they will finally call me back about the issue that I have.
Withdrawal effects depend on the person: have you ever forgotten a dose or been sick and pretty sure you probably threw up most of the medication? The type of side effects you had then will probably be like what you will have now. The half-life of vimpat is 12-16 hours, so for at least this time you may notice absolutely nothing or very little. I was in the hospital for a VEEG at a time when I was taking tegretol, keppra and vimpat and was taken off all cold turkey. I recall feeling a little unfocused and mildly dizzy, but that's about it.
There is absolutely no reason your pharmacy cannot bring the medication in from another pharmacy. The suggestion to go to ER lindsayschu made is a good one as well.
The biggest risk is for seizures if it turns out you really cannot get any of the vimpat. I don't know how often you have them, but if not often then you may be just fine. If you are on any other AED(s) it/they may be enough to hold off any seizure activity if you have the seizures often. Keep safe; don't drive and if you are concerned don't spend the night alone.
Others have said what I would say - the biggest risk from missing two days of meds is seizures. My daughter has had seizures from missing only one dose of meds, so missing two days can be very dangerous. And withdrawal seizures can be stronger and more long-lasting than normal seizures.

When she started Vimpat we had several months of huge issues with both the insurance coverage and the pharmacy. I have heard this from other people as well - for some reason this medication seems to be difficult to obtain (as well as very expensive), which is a shame since it has worked better for her than any other medication. Make sure that your pharmacy knows that they NEED to keep it in stock - it is a vital medication that you cannot run out of! And then demand that they get you a bridge dose from another pharmacy.

Seizure meds are not optional!
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