1. K

    weird pain getting worse

    Hi, I wrote a while back about getting shoulder pain since I took Vimpat. Now it is so bizarre. I still get should pains here and there. But when that was better, I got a terrible pain in my knee, I couldnt even walk, it was sore and had some redness to it. Well, all of a sudden in one day, it...
  2. K

    another vimpat/side effect question

    Hi, I have yet another symptom and not sure if from new medication (Vimpat) but I am getting bruises all over my legs, a lot of them. It seemed to start when I started the vimpat. I am sick of side effects! Thank you for your help. Kim
  3. K

    vimpat symptom?

    Hi, I was curious if anyone taking Vimpat experienced muscle pain? specifically shoulder pain. Ever since I was put on Vimpat, I had extremly stiff and achy shoulders, sometimes down my arm and a little across my upper shoulder/chest area. I can barely move my arms its so bad. And it only...
  4. P

    [News] Vimpat validated as promising therapy for uncontrolled partial-onset seizures

    This from e! Science News… A recent multi-center study has confirmed earlier study results that 400 mg/day of Lacosamide (Vimpat) provides a good balance of efficacy and...
  5. RainbowBrite

    Vimpat question

    Has anyone had a large decrease in appetite from Vimpat? I'm on 2 other meds that previously *really* increased my appetite and now all of a sudden, 4 days after starting Vimpat don't want to eat anything. All I've had to eat/drink today was some milk and a rice crispie treat. :/
  6. appsandsuch

    seizures upon falling asleep- not normal for me, but happen sometimes

    In advance; sorry I write so much before I get to the point! I tend to over-tell stories when it comes to medical stuff, as I'm afraid of leaving out important details, but you seem like a forgiving bunch :) So I had a good streak going of no true seizures for a little over a month, which is...
  7. Junebug

    Going to the Dr tomorrow and adding Vimpat

    Vimpat is a new AED that was just released to the market last Wed. My neuro had talked to me about it in April last visit and suggested that I try it and cut out my Lamictal since the Lamictal that I've been on for 6 yrs doesn't seem to be doing it's job as well anymore. I will of course, be...
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