Extreme dizziness. Maybe medication??

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I have been feeling extremely dizzy ever lately, and I'm sure it was either the recent addition of Vimpat or the incompatibly of it with the other drugs I'm taking. I want to stop the Vimpat and I'm currently being evaluated for another surgery. Anyone have any experience coming off this drug? Or, should I just ride it out for now, and contact my Neurologist later?
Contact your neuro either way! He/she needs to be in the loop about what side effects you are experiencing and can should give instructions if the decision is made to taper off the Vimpat.

Note: Dizziness is listed a common side effect for Vimpat. Extreme dizziness is listed as a reason to contact your neuro right away. If you're not sure if your dizziness is "extreme", play it safe and call your neuro anyway.
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